4 Reasons Why Packaging is Important for E-Commerce Businesses

Numerous e-commerce businesses are now investing in corrugated boxes to improve packaging and labeling instead of just wrapping the product, putting it in a box and delivering it. The main aim of improved packaging and labeling is to ensure safe delivery of the product and effective promotion of the brand. Additionally, investing in packaging supplies and labeling provides an immense boost to the goodwill of the business. When the customer gets the product in the

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6 Ways to Write Product Descriptions for Ecommerce Platforms

Writing without mastering it one cannot convey the message properly. It should be kept simple and readable as well as little catchy. Few content writers use high idioms and phrases to make the descriptions look more appealing and that’s how they appeal the least. Here are 6 simple ways to write product descriptions that sell: 1. Focus on one kind of audience Imagine yourself to be the buyer or the decision maker of the product

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Tips for Powerful Product Photos For eCommerce

I had stressed on providing quality photos of products on your e-commerce store. An e-commerce store is entirely different from a physical outlet. Prospective buyers take their decision of buying based on the product photos. Remember, they cannot touch or feel the product, so they will try to build an impression upon the images provided. Providing quality images always increases the e-commerce conversion rates and also improves the general presence of the store. It is

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How Can We Get Customer Reviews For Our E-Commerce Store?

The making of an e-commerce store is only the first step in business. There must be transactions occurring regularly, but there is no option available to evaluate the store currently in the online world. Social proof, especially in the form of customer reviews can be an effective tool for your store’s sale boxes. The customers may not be providing reviews on the site even after repeated requests, many owners get stuck in this vicious cycle.  To some, this idea of

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Indian Grocery Sector Grasp Ecommerce

An increasing number of Indians are switching to smartphones with data connections and making online purchases. Thanks to this ever-increasing consumer base, the Indian ecommerce sector has witnessed a steady growth in the recent years. Currently at $53 billion in annual revenue, the country’s ecommerce industry is expected to exceed $100 billion by 2020. It’s the food and grocery segment that is fueling this growth. According to a recent report by CRISIL (Credit Rating Information Services

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Flipkart Pay Later – New way to shop online

Financing is a key unsolved need in India. Less than 2% Indians have access to credit cards. If customers don’t have credit cards then customers don’t get access to short term credit — a very important use case being the ability to keep making purchases, without the requisite balance in their savings account. In plus, e-commerce businesses see the challenge of inspiring trust and convenience for the entire online shopping experience from order to delivery. Cash on

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