Jabong Seller Registration- How to Sell on Jabong
Jabong Seller Registration

Jabong Seller Registration- How to Sell on Jabong

Jabong is part of the Rocket Internet community, which develops and invests in online businesses that carry established online business models to new, increasingly rising markets. In sectors such as food & groceries, fashion, general merchandise, home & living, and travel, the group is present. With a presence on six continents in over 110 countries, Rocket Internet is an e-commerce powerhouse.

Jabong Seller Registration

Manufacturers of fashion, clothing, accessories, brands, importers, distributors, and distributors may register as sellers of Jabong.com.

Log on to the Jabong website first, and press the Sale to Jabong choice at its bottom. For the seller registration process, there is a connection that leads to jabong.com’s Google setup form.

The online form contains the following information and individuals who wish to start registering for their business:

  • Name of brand
  • Name of Company
  • Form Of Business
  • Details on VAT
  • Status of trademark registration
  • The seller’s website
  • Seller’s phone number
  • Seller’s Email
  • City, State of the Vendor
  • Seller’s product form
  • Details collected on other e-commerce sites
  • Offline Presence Info
  • Switch over Annual Sales
  • Barcode form of the owner of the company

The Jabong.com customer representative continues the registration process with a call by completing all of the above fields.

In any online platform-based market, there are some essential criteria to be fulfilled by the seller. Similarly, the seller registration requirements of Jabong.com are listed as follows:

The seller’s registration process strictly follows the identity that enables the individual to escape many future problems. Registration of VAT, registration of trademarks, and a form of barcode for your company is mandatory. Company registration is more important than something like a trademark or VAT for its activities.

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Seller business registration:

Indian persons may start their business on offline and online platforms for their efficient business activity as a private limited, LLP type of company. Simple transferability is also necessary for everybody to make the company limited in liability and safety. It is advisable to select for the corporate entity registration to speak about the jabong business registration. It would be best if you went for the best Business Registration Consultant nearby to know business registration.

Requirements of trademark registration:

Trademark registration of a business entity is the method of securing the corporation’s assets and identity for the present and future. Trademark registration helps your exclusive company brand to fix full clients with trusting product quality.

As mandatory, Jabong requires a trademark registration process for your business product. For each seller, Corproots offers faster registration of a trademark for their valuable company.

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How to Sell on Jabong:

Suppose your company is dealing with the retailing of fashion and lifestyle items, and you are desperately searching for ways to generate more revenue. In that case, we recommend that you sell Jabong products.

Today, selling online products is probably the best way to improve your business in India. Jabong is one of the emerging markets related to online fashion and clothing that enables how to target customers on Jabong to expand at almost zero cost in India.

Here is the correct and full way to and become a registered seller today on Jabong.com:

Create an account:

Next, find and go to the Jabong seller page when looking for the Google keyword “sell on Jabong.” Be consistent when filling in details about you, your address, and, of course, your business. If your request has no chance of earning a spot on Jabong’s online marketplace, provide complete detail.

Wait for confirmation:

Let’s inform you that Jabong’s side should not expect an immediate response because its seller support team will evaluate and review the data you entered to verify whether you are credible enough to sell on Jabong. We know that it takes time for such a job. It even takes a month sometimes. And you’ll have to show extreme patience.

List your catalog:

You will be sent a confirmation email if your request passes Jabong’s seller review test. Finally, you should go ahead and list your items.

You can either individually list items by pressing the “Add single product” button or, if ready, add your products collectively when uploading your catalog.

Start Selling:

All you have to do after listing your products on Jabong is to wait for orders to start coming in.


India’s eCommerce market is strong, and new products are added daily to the list of commodities. It is just an opportunity to sell the best products to sell on jabong o a niche market with every list of items to sell. We hope you’ll be able to collect ideas to quickly launch your business online with this list of the best items!

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