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Our Professional Advertising Experts Faculty can help you to expand your business.

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Geared up in the year 2018, Ecommerce Guru now has an audience of more than 5 k that are highly educated, engaging and wield influence. Our daily visitors comprise different sections of society ranging from age 16 to 60 on average. Businesses, sellers, professionals, individuals, and students are all part of our daily engagement. Advertising with Ecommerce Guru can help you to expand your business by exposing you to a pool of viewers who are mostly ecommerce enthusiasts from different realms and can better understand your business objective.

Why Advertise With Us?

Promoting your brand on our advertising platform can be fruitful in many ways.


To get a greater reach and visibility

Increase your brand awareness by advertising for ecommerce and promoting with us and increase the visibility among the potential audience.


Connection with a larger audience

Advertising for ecommerce business on our platform can help you attract more customers with interactive banners and thus, can connect with potential customers directly.


Generating leads and rate of conversion

You can generate authentic leads and increase the rate of conversion to help your business grow.

Enhance Your Campaign With Interactive Solutions

To escalate the longevity of the products or services exposure and augment the campaign, you can consider:

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Banner Type

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"Now I feel very much confident after learning all these strategies, I'm really impressed and overwhelmed by amount of knowledge you shared, I'm going to implement all these strategies and techniques in my Amazon business. Thanks you so much for your training.”.

Rahul Khandelwal

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"With is course I was able cut down on Ad spends that I was wasting without even realising that it... This course is very easy to understand & the trainer is very approachable, if I have any question she answers very quickly & I definitely recommend it!"

Janki Devi

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I never thought I could get millions of dollars worth of knowledge for just Rs.99. I have done a lot of courses online but before that I had never felt so detailed and understandably comfortable that I had found Ecommmerce-Guru course.

Jatin Shukla

New Seller
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Hey, I must say your presentation really will motivate everyone to be a successful seller on Amazon. Your session are so effective and easy to understand. I am looking forward to get more knowledge and start selling on amazon.

Mohammed Gulab

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To begin with, the content prepared by the trainer is amazing and l bet you that no one can provide such learning in quick time and at affordable cost which anyone would spend on their one-time meal.

Shalini Mehta

MBA Student
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We learned quite a lot about the Amazon Business model…. They tried to answers of all questions with accuracy, that is the best part… looking forward to sell on amazon.

Sunny Varghese