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The US is the largest economy globally and the second-largest ecommerce marketplace, with annual sales of $792 billion. Online retailing accounts for 14% of total retail sales. Many of the world’s global ecommerce companies come from the US; that is why the US continues to lead the world in technology across the globe.

Americans are gourmet consumers, providing a lot of growth potential for domestic companies. The power of ecommerce marketplaces in the US should not be underestimated. As well as the big players, the US has solid online competition from both established retailers and niche markets, with a loyal customer base and some innovative business models.

The Largest Online Marketplaces In The USA:

Amazon US

Amazon is an international e-commerce company that provides online retail, computing services, consumer electronics, digital content, and other local services such as daily deals and groceries. Amazon is the leading e-retailer and the best ecommerce marketplace platform in the United States, with net sales of close to US$386 billion in 2020.

Most of the company’s revenue is generated through e-retail sales of electronics and other products, followed by third-party vendor revenue, subscriptions, and AWS cloud services. The Amazon marketplace has a tremendous global outreach; thus, Amazon is considered one of the most valuable brands worldwide.

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eBay US

eBay is the second most popular ecommerce marketplace in the US, with over 689 visits per month. The US accounts for 41% of eBay’s global traffic, which is slightly higher than that of Amazon in 2020. eBay’s share in the US online retail sector is estimated to be around 40%. eBay has a global account system, so sales are the same in every country, and sellers have a consistent feedback profile worldwide.

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Walmart US

Walmart, founded in 1962, is the world’s largest company by revenue and a multinational retail corporation. It has thousands of stores, unbeatable brand recognition, and virtually unlimited resources that profoundly impact the ecommerce industry in the USA. 


Walmart has continued to pursue ways to bring technology to the retail sector to provide a seamless shopping experience to customers. You can find tons of things in a Walmart store, but as customers increasingly shop at digital and physical storefronts, we’ve made it easy for you to find the things you need.

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Etsy US

Etsy is a very successful ecommerce marketplace, with more than 238 million monthly visits from the US and $10.3 billion in annual GMV globally. Unlike Amazon and many other marketplaces, it specialises in handmade crafts and provides a platform for sellers to showcase themselves in person.

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Overstock ecommerce marketplace has 38 million monthly visits from the US, representing 95% of its global total and annual revenue of $2.5 billion. Overstock is primarily known for furniture and home goods, selling jewellery, apparel, and other products.

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