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If you’re looking for a comprehensive inventory management system, order processing solution, or publishing tool, look no further than SalesWarp. This software automates your inventory updates and syncs sales channels and fulfilment locations, so you have a single view of all orders from all channels. Plus, it provides consolidated data to help you make better decisions about your business.

This tools helps your with its impressive order management system, you can read further its features that we’ve mentioned below:

Product Management

Map product data in SalesWarp to product data that is required by Amazon and other marketplaces. Create and modify product features, categories, listings, kits, and more so that they are automatically pushed to Amazon.

Brand Protection

SalesWarp’s technology protects your products from unauthorised sales by other sellers. With this tool, you can take immediate action against counterfeiters and unlicensed sellers to ensure that your brand maintains its value in the world’s largest marketplace.

Inventory Management

SalesWarp offers the tools you need to manage inventory for all your marketplaces in real-time. You can use SalesWarp to efficiently manage Amazon orders and inventory through its FBA management tools. This will help prevent overselling and ensure good standing with Amazon.

Fulfilment By Amazon

SalesWarp supports several warehouses, and seamlessly connects with FBA. It allows retailers to route orders to FBAs, or manage inventory allocated to their Amazon channel. This gives retailers a fulfilment edge on featured products, or during their busy periods of the year.