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Opencart - A One Stop Solution For Your eCommerce Business

Every merchant has to find e-commerce solutions in the online environment. Among the variety of shopping carts available, Opencart development is recognized as one of the top-end solutions that combine flexibility, simplicity and multi-functionality. It is beneficial for businesses at almost every scale. If your business needs a simple and easy to manage tool, Opencart website development is ideal for you. Due to the responsive framework available on this platform, you will be able to access your website on all mediums, desktop, mobile and tablet.

Why Choose Opencart Website Development For Your Ecommerce Business?

The eCommerce market is becoming increasingly competitive. A startup business should choose the best eCommerce solution as it is one of the most important resources and a vital function to achieve business objectives. Many store owners choose to hire opencart developers for their eCommerce platform among the massive number of shopping carts available. Opencart development is a free eCommerce platform used for businesses to scale up quickly with all downloads and updates. Here are some of the benefits of using OpenCart as your eCommerce solution:
Easy To Operate

When you hire opencart developer, it allows you to perform numerous tasks with a single admin panel. Also, it saves valuable time for businesses and helps them focus more on their business growth.

Multi-Payment Gateways

The platform is integrated with multiple secure payment gateways and shipping methods which helps in the timely delivery of all orders.

Multi-language and Currency Support

You certainly don’t want to limit sales to a particular area, so you should hire opencart developer that will help you broaden your business by selling them globally. Some tools will help with currency conversion to make it easier for potential customers.

Multiple Store Functionality

You can monitor various ecommerce platforms simultaneously from a single admin panel with OpenCart Store. A range of Opencart website development stores can be managed using a single interface. It will help users set up online stores with different themes and extensions. The customer will easily find full support and access to its ecommerce store.

Modules And Extensions
OpenCart Development has many exciting features and functionalities in addition to over 14,000+ add-on extensions. These add-on extensions are available to download and promote the easy growth of your e-commerce online store. So it is evident that OpenCart modules and extensions are easy to use and can be implemented as per the requirements and options of your ecommerce store.
Hire opencart developer as it makes you aware of the opencart’s module-based system in which users can extend the functions as per the requirement of their ecommerce store. This can be done by quick and modified functionalities and features, including the bestseller, category, manufacturer, Google Analytics, and more web pages.

Step-To-Step Guide For Opencart Website Development

Before starting the Opencart website development process, please ensure that the latest version of OpenCart is downloaded to the local project folder from the official OpenCart download page. Extract the zip archive from your current folder. Upload each file and folder from the “Uploads” folder to your server. Now, you need to install OpenCart on your device, which is configured very similarly to a shared hosting service.

Ensure all the folders at the server are writeable.


  • image/
  • image/cache/
  • cache/
  • download/
  • config.php
  • admin/config.php

Visit the Opencart homepage and follow the below-given steps for website development accordingly:

Read the user licence thoroughly and click “Continue”.

Tip From Ecommerce Guru:

At this point, there is no need for action that you need to take. Step 1 is just about familiarising yourself with the tools you are going to use to build your site in the following steps.

This step helps you check whether your host’s environment meets opencart development’s requirements. If everything appears green on the screen (which means all is well), click Continue.


If anything is written in red, read what changes need to be made, perform them, then go back by pressing the Back button and continue again.

Tip From Ecommerce Guru:

Considering all of these signals in mind during the process can help you keep your development process risk free and convenient.

You can hire an opencart developer to get your database credentials as asked. Most hosting providers use MySQL for the database driver, and for the database prefix, choose something unique – this will secure your configuration. Your hosting company provides the rest. If you have filled out this form with your data, press ‘Continue’.

Tip From Ecommerce Guru:

Of course, the challenging part about starting a website is regularity and making them attractive for people to read. You can use the given instructions to add a significant value to your store.

The final step for opencart development: As the warning says, remove the install directory and continue with your storefront or administration. Let’s move to the administration area, where exciting things happen for new friends at OpenCart.

Tip From Ecommerce Guru:

Considering all the red and green signals we have discussed above will be helpful for you as you might find the entire procedure new and challenging. And for more clarity, you can visit the official opencart website page.