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Linnworks enables sellers on Amazon to reach their buyers everywhere by efficiently managing seller accounts through Linnworks. This widely popular tool with major sales channels offers impressive management for high volume orders on Amazon which helps in growing your business. Also it alerts the user on time so that it does not miss out any recent updates related to their sale.


We have mentioned below some of the features of this amazing tool that makes our regular operations much easier.

These tools save you a lot of time and many things that you cannot think of without these tools. It is constantly evolving, and they are adding more tools to their software.

Automated Control Of Inventory

It helps in upgrading the profitability and productivity of inventory management with regular updates across all sales or listing channels. Linnworks minimises and eliminates the risk of overselling for the user so that he can easily monitor other core activities on the platform.

Multichannel Integration

It is able to expand into many new channels, when your e-commerce sales grow, Linworks scales itself to support you multichannel retailing. They spend time to expand seamlessly and acquire customers everywhere by integrating with various sales platforms or marketplaces.

Management Of Stock Levels

It maintains accurate inventory levels to track low stock levels and forecast demand, and improves stock traceability throughout your supply chain, to avoid inventory stockouts or overstocking. And as the scale of your operations grows, Linworks will work and manage its operations accordingly. It keeps all its eyes on multiple warehouse locations to have the required stock level for the same item.

Monitor Your Performance

It takes practice to get key metrics on stock history, inventory management & order management over time or run customer queries on LinenWorks data to get an up-to-date view of the metrics most important to your business. With dozens of customization and viewing options available, you can take detailed look at your business’s performance and make informed business decisions right away.

Real Time Analytics

It uses out-of-the-box dashboards to track overall performance across all sales channels, summarising your sales, refunds, purchases and stock price. Whether you’re looking to understand your top sellers, stock tables, shipping reports or cash flow analysis, easily monitor your key statistics using Linnworks custom reports.