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The UK ecommerce market is called as one of the most attractive markets in the world. An average person spends £866 per person on online shopping annually. British online shoppers are the leader in European countries and among the top countries worldwide. In 2020, online sales growth in the UK was 11.1 times higher than offline growth. A large proportion of these online sales were made in the UK’s top markets.

Amazon UK

It should come as no surprise that Amazon leads the British ecommerce marketplace, as do most Western countries. To put the 474 million visits per month into perspective, the UK population has to be taken into account. There are about 67 million UK visitors, which means that each of them visits Amazon marketplace for 2-3 days on average.

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eBay UK

The only ecommerce marketplace that can come close to Amazon’s numbers in the UK is eBay. The American company, established in 1995, may register a turnover of $20.27 billion globally in 2022. The benefits of selling through eBay are similar to those of Amazon. However, while visitor numbers are slightly lower, fees for selling through eBay are lower than those of other renowned platforms for most products.

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While Etsy can be called the leader of the other ecommerce marketplaces in the UK, there is a significant difference between Etsy and the top two marketplaces in the UK (Amazon and eBay). The number of visits to Etsy is more than 8x the number of visits to eBay and 11 times higher than the number of people who visit Amazon marketplace.

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Wayfair is the number one ecommerce marketplace focused on homewares and furniture in the UK. 24.1 million visits per month is a high number, especially when considering that this market is focused on a specific product category.
Operating in a niche means that customers are often one-time visitors who spend a lot but don’t come back regularly. On average, its shopping cart is more prominent than most other markets. This has generated revenue of $14.15 billion for the UK in 2020

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OnBuy was founded in 2014 and launched in 2016. Within four years of operation, they managed to build a returning and loyal customer base, generating 9.9 million monthly visits in the UK. By 2023, they want to expand to more than 140 countries and have established an aggressive action plan.

Since OnBuy is the UK’s first ecommerce marketplace, one can be sure that it is trusted by British online shoppers. Furthermore, It claims to be the fastest-growing online marketplace in the world. One can be sure that it has a head start when it comes to the trust of British online shoppers at this ecommerce platform.

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