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With a database of approximately 2.5 million customers, Australia has the most extensive ecommerce business industry compared to many other prosperous leading countries. This makes it an ideal ecommerce marketplace for selling additional stock or more considerable business assets, ranging from engineering to home and garden appliances, fashion, and more. Sellers using the platform also benefit from a team of experts who can provide advice on how to maximize their sales, including appraisal services, project management, marketing, and more.

Take a look at the top ecommerce marketplace that are dominating ecommerce industry in Australia:

Amazon Australia

Amazon marketplace
maintains the same brand identity in Australia as in the rest of the world. With the launch of Amazon Australia Prime and FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) potentially solving the logistical challenge of shipping, sellers can now offer faster delivery times. FBA can save you valuable time and hassle, as Amazon Australia handles all shipping details for you and does not put a minimum number on the products you ship.

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A firm favorite among Australian shoppers, MyDeal is a rapidly growing ecommerce marketplace, with over 1,000 online sellers and half a million shoppers. MyDeal is geared primarily at selling bulky items such as sofas, dining tables and mattresses, although it also sells other products such as fitness equipment and pet products.

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eBay Australia has become the leading retail powerhouse in the ecommerce space in Australia. There are over 11 million visitors every month and over 40,000 businesses on it. International sellers can benefit from this. In addition to being the most popular Australian ecommerce marketplace, gives customers the ability to shop across borders quickly and easily, as home options in Australia are generally limited. 


Selling everything from electronics to fashion to food or drink, eBay Australia allows you to reach a wide range of markets with an already established loyal customer base.

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