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Sameeksha Sud


Bhavin Bhanusali


Mrunal Panchal

Kritika Khurana

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How Ecommerce-Guru help to grow an Influencer?

Ecommerce-Guru provides a platform where an influencer can connect with the brands and collaborate with them.

What type of influencers do we cater to?

We cater to all types of influencers from micro to mega, from Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to list them on our platform.

How can an influencer get featured on Ecommerce-Guru?

We have 3 sections for influencers: Top Featuring, Sponsored and Bollywood Celebrity. We charge a nominal fee to list influencers in these sections. You can contact us to know more details.

Why list with Ecommerce-Guru?

As a free ecommerce platform, we’ve collaborated with multiple ecommerce brands such as Cantabil, WOW, GoMechanic, EPOS, HP and more. These brands always seek influencers to promote their brands on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. So, listing with Ecommerce-Guru will give you an opportunity to collaborate with renowned brands.

What benefits will you get as an influencer listed with Ecommerce-Guru?

• We have collaborated with multiple ecommerce brands that will help you get a large pool of opportunities
• We have more than 5000 traffic that will help influencers get more reach
• Free promotion on social media
• Get multiple brand deals

What are the charges to get featured on Ecommerce-Guru?

The charges depend on the different sections to get featured. Please drop us an email at

Does Ecommerce Guru charge any commission if an influencer collaborates with a brand?

No, we never charge any commission if an influencer gets a deal.

How can I apply to get featured on Ecommerce-Guru?

You can fill out the form mentioned above or just drop us an email at