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Helium 10 is the most popular Amazon seller tool. It covers almost everything that an Amazon seller might need, not only all the features but also has proven itself to be a one-stop solution. The software contains several tools that help you save a lot of time and other things that you can’t do effectively without having these tools. It includes tools for keyword analysis, product search, list building, etc.


These tools save you a lot of time and many things that you cannot think of without these tools. It is constantly evolving, and they are adding more tools to their software.

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Keyword Research

Amazon sales are based on keywords rankings, and that’s why keywords are vital. The higher you rank with a keyword, the more revenue you receive. You should know what type of keywords you need to put in your listings; then, this tool will assist you in getting the best keywords for your product that will be relevant to your product.

Reverse ASIN

It also helps with reverse ASIN tools. After putting the ASIN number, Helium 10 critical tool Cerebro started its procedure for retrieving all the relevant keywords for ASIN ranking between 1 to 300 on the Amazon search result lists.

Product Research

Trendster is a tool to discover products on Amazon that have been in demand for a long time. This can be helpful for larger businesses on Amazon and can also be an excellent addition to your product portfolio. However, dealing with seasonal products requires a little more experience in the Amazon business.

Performance Tracker

The ranking is always a pivotal part of selling on Amazon because it indicates how a product is performing. If you’re on the first page, you can assume how well your product is performing, but still, it doesn’t mean that you can go easy with the product listings, even if you have to be more precise with your skills.

Protects Inventory

Helium 10 is an effective tool in protecting your inventory; it sets limitations on how many items can be purchased by a single buyer at a time so that you don’t snipe away while coupon promotions.