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Canva Mastery Training With Pro Features & Brand Kit

Learn Canva Pro to increase your designing skills and make scroll-stopping
content today in just few hours.

Created by Ecommerce Guru

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Last updated 04/2022

Rs. 9,999 only/-

Become a PRO in Canva Designing

This training includes:

What Will You Learn?

About The Course

This course is specially designed to fulfil students, professional, freelancer or
business requirements to create attractive design yet under short period of
time. Canva is a ready to use platform to plan your designing sketch and you
don’t need to invest on heavy and complicated designing tool.

Detailed Learning

Benefits of Canva Mastery Training

Level Up Your Content For A Professional Brand


Grow your following And Attract high quality leads


Make More Money & Build a thriving online business

Who Can Opt This Course?
Who Can Opt This Course?

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