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Learning - For Professionals/ Trainers

Do You Know You Can Be A Mentor For Ecommerce Enthusiasts? Learn How?

Digitisation and the online world have emerged as a significant shift towards how businesses are changing their strategies to operate. Ecommerce has spread its legs in almost all sectors in the market industry. Understanding the advantages one can have with an ecommerce website, people are now more inclined towards learning the different strategies for sustaining in the ecommerce world. 


Ecommerce Guru provides the platform for these learners to come and join us and get comprehensive training to learn how to start ecommerce business in India. If you think you have the capability to guide and train these ecommerce keen learners and enthusiasts, connect with us today and start your mentorship career with Ecommerce Guru. 


We have also initiated a step towards opening different opportunity gateways for you. Apart from this mentorship program, professionals/trainers who wish to polish their knowledge and valuable skills can always connect with us.

How Can You Contribute To The Ecommerce Industry Using Your Skills?

We at Ecommerce Guru have come up with a mentorship program for professionals and trainers that is helpful for people who already have an interest and knowledge in the ecommerce field. All you have to do is join us in educating people from all over the world. You can be part of our different courses and sessions as mentors and speakers.

Collaboration Opportunities For Trainers and Professionals

We have induced several programs for additional income and collaboration opportunities for those who wish to contribute to the ecommerce world by sharing what they know.

Become A Mentor/Speaker

Professionals and trainers can join our mentorship program and share their knowledge with the learners as their mentors. You can also join us as guest speakers for different sessions and best professional ecommerce training online classes with Ecommerce Guru.

Earn Extra Income

You can help the learners acquire new skills and get a scope to earn additional income by working part-time or as a freelancer for ecommerce businesses.

How Can You Enhance Your Skills With Ecommerce Tips?

If you are a professional or a trainer from any field and are curious about learning the ecommerce ecosystem, then Ecommerce Guru can help you. Staying up-to-date with the trends and market changes is highly critical these days. Therefore, our experts help in free counselling and tips for those who wish to learn additional skills or simply want to acquire knowledge. We offer several free sessions, free videos, consulting and much more to professionals so that you can learn how to start an ecommerce business in India.

Contact us now to get free consulting.

Ecommerce Guru helps professionals and trainers from different sectors who are keen to learn about the ecommerce world in several ways. Our industry experts have devised various programs and opportunities to integrate their knowledge of the ecommerce world for the best. Whether you are a teacher, lawyer, doctor, developer, writer, or any professional, you can take advantage of these best specialised programs. With free training and guidance, we offer an opportunity for professionals and trainers to learn how to start an ecommerce business in India.

What Will You Get To Learn Our Free Consulting Session?

Introduction To Ecommerce Business

Benefits of choosing Our Free Business Consulting

Ecommerce Guru Can Help You To Open Several Career Gateways

Ecommerce Guru opens various gates for professionals like you to grow in the ecommerce world.

We enable multiple gateways to increase your knowledge horizon and earning opportunities through our expert-curated programs.

Explore Our Online Training Courses


Free & Paid Trainings

Ecommerce Guru offers the best training courses for learning about the ecommerce world. You can utilise the course to explore the advantages and career possibilities in the ecommerce market world. We offer free and paid training for learning from scratch to an advanced level.


Podcasts, Video Gallery, etc.

Professionals/Trainers can get access to our various podcasts, video gallery, YouTube videos free of cost and gain an understanding of the vast career options the digital world and ecommerce market can offer.


Free Demo Sessions

You can avail of free demo sessions prior to enrolling on any training course or programs offered by us. This can help you get a better insight and vision to learn the different aspects of our expert-crafted training courses for professionals/trainers.


Ecommerce Business Setup Help

We have designed a unique program for keen learners to assist them in setting up their own ecommerce business on any ecommerce marketplace of their choice. Our experts will provide thorough guidance at each step of the process.


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"Now I feel very much confident after learning all these strategies, I'm really impressed and overwhelmed by amount of knowledge you shared, I'm going to implement all these strategies and techniques in my Amazon business. Thanks you so much for your training.”.

Rahul Khandelwal

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"With is course I was able cut down on Ad spends that I was wasting without even realising that it... This course is very easy to understand & the trainer is very approachable, if I have any question she answers very quickly & I definitely recommend it!"

Janki Devi

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I never thought I could get millions of dollars worth of knowledge for just Rs.99. I have done a lot of courses online but before that I had never felt so detailed and understandably comfortable that I had found Ecommmerce-Guru course.

Jatin Shukla

New Seller
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Hey, I must say your presentation really will motivate everyone to be a successful seller on Amazon. Your session are so effective and easy to understand. I am looking forward to get more knowledge and start selling on amazon.

Mohammed Gulab

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To begin with, the content prepared by the trainer is amazing and l bet you that no one can provide such learning in quick time and at affordable cost which anyone would spend on their one-time meal.

Shalini Mehta

MBA Student
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We learned quite a lot about the Amazon Business model…. They tried to answers of all questions with accuracy, that is the best part… looking forward to sell on amazon.

Sunny Varghese




Just click on the “Join Now” button above and enrol yourself in the training.

Just click on the “Join Now” button above and enrol yourself in the training.