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Learning - For Students

Learning - For Students

Ecommerce Guru well acknowledges the concerns a student has after he/she has completed school education. There are plenty of career options and paths for students, but only one has to be chosen for a safe and secure future. This can be perplexing as sticking to one of the options is never an easy task. Therefore, our team at Ecommerce Guru has come up with the introduction of specialised programs and free career counselling for students. These programs efficiently furnish all the categories for directing and consulting students to learn from basics to advanced in the ecommerce field.

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Online & Offline Doubts Session

Ecommerce Guru offers the best training courses for learning about the ecommerce world. You can utilise the course to explore the advantages and career possibilities in the ecommerce market world. We offer free and paid training for learning from scratch to an advanced level.

Online Consulting With Parents

Our ecommerce expert consultants provide an extended consulting session for the parents/guardian of the students who wish to enrol in our courses. We offer the best helping hands to the students so that they can choose a secure career with free ecommerce training.

Free & Paid Trainings

Ecommerce Guru offers the best training courses for students’ learning. They can utilise the course to explore the advantages and career possibilities in the ecommerce market world. We offer paid and free ecommerce training for learning from scratch to an advanced level.


Podcasts, Video Gallery, etc.

Students can get access to our various podcasts, video gallery, YouTube videos free of cost and gain an understanding of the vast career options the digital world and ecommerce market can offer.


Free Demo Sessions

You can avail of free demo sessions prior to enrolling on any training course or programs offered by us. This can help you get a better insight and vision to learn the different aspects of our expert-crafted free ecommerce training courses for students. 

Ecommerce Business Setup Help

We have designed a special program for students and keen learners in which our experts help the students set up their own ecommerce business on any ecommerce marketplace of their choice. Our experts will provide thorough guidance at each step of the process and free career counselling for students.


Free Classes: Online & Offline

Students can benefit from our free ecommerce classes that are available in both online and offline modes. Students who wish to enrol for free ecommerce training and online classes can contact us and get free live classes from our best ecommerce experts. For free offline classes, you can visit us, where we will organise sessions with experts who will teach and enlighten you on different subjects affiliated with the ecommerce business.

Paid Weekend Courses

We very well understand that some students can get stuck with their hectic schedule and academics on weekdays, and therefore, we have come up with weekend courses to help them out. Students can enrol for the weekend courses as per their availability and time convenience and access expert learning courses without compromising their schedule.

Free Study Material

Ecommerce Guru offers free study material to students and learners which they can access to acquire the essential skills and knowledge of the ecommerce marketplace world anytime. You can download the PDFs and learn about processing several marketplaces, including Amazon, Flipkart, Shopify, Magento, and many more.

Travel Opportunity

As part of Ecommerce Guru learning programs, students can visit different areas in the world through different seminars, invitations, programs and sessions to share their innovative ideas and, thus, the great potential within them.

Affordable Advertising & Marketing Courses

We offer various cost-friendly training courses related to advertising and marketing for students who want to focus on these aspects of ecommerce. Our experts provide different insightful sessions so that you can easily master the concept of devising different strategies as per the market needs.

Funding and Loans for Ecommerce Business

We have devised different funding and loans schemes for students who want to start their businesses as web-based merchants. Ecommerce Guru offers help to budding entrepreneurs to stabilise their cash flow and easily cope with payment obligations through our ESN channel.

Seminars & Webinars

Our ecommerce experts organise online and offline webinars as well as seminars for free ecommerce training. They assist you in clearing all your doubts by direct interaction and provide a proficient insight on various topics related to the ecommerce marketplace.


Referral Program: Paytm Vouchers/Amazon Gift Cards

Any student or learners can avail of our special referral program to get free Paytm vouchers and Amazon Gift cards with a complementary reimbursement plan with each reference. Students who have successfully referred our courses to other students or learners can get up to 2000 rs off on their training course price.

Academic Assistance

Students from different levels can avail different advantages from our programs as we provide each student with thorough assistance in understanding what fits better to their interests and free ecommerce training.

Students who are still in school at a higher level can benefit from our certificate and diploma courses. These courses can help them pursue a safe and secure career after passing out of school. 

Students who are completing their graduation and are done with graduation can enrol on our advanced courses and get free online career counselling and guidance from our experts to start their careers as ecommerce business owners.


Free & Paid Career Guidance & Counselling

We help the students and keen learners with direct guidance and counselling by industry experts having years of expertise. We offer free career counselling for students with expert guidance throughout the session. Our experts learn your current knowledge of ecommerce marketplaces and then help you advance your level and solve all your queries. They also provide detailed guidance for explaining each training course to choose the most suitable one for you in our free career counselling after 12th class.


Yes, you can easily apply for the training programs.

All of the courses are designed to provide you with industrialised skills and practical knowledge. It also depends on your interest in the field. However, we can have a call for free student counselling to find the best course for you.

Select any course you want to enrol in and book your class.

ESN i.e., Ecommerce Support Network, is a platform that helps you to get funding, loans and to find investors to start your business.

Free Training includes the basic training/session/webinar of any course. Whereas, Paid Training includes deep knowledge and will provide you with the advanced level of training of any course.

We have a team of eCommerce experts who can help/consult you in multiple ways from documents needed to customer acquisition to increase sales.