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Shopify - Complete Ecommerce Platform For Launching Your Business

Gone are the days when brick-and-mortar stores were the bread and butter for businesses. With the digital revolution, more and more people are shifting towards online stores. Amidst the larger volumes of platforms, Shopify remains the topmost due to its complete platform features offered to the sellers. This Shopify store development reflects a perfect intertwining of aesthetics and functionality. Therefore, it prevails as the most preferred choice in respect to the efficiency and quality that it defines for an ecommerce website.

Most top brands in the US have their websites on Shopify, including Kylie Cosmetics, Heinz, and many others. The main reasons for this are its built-in SEO Shopify tools and the easy usability that quickly fosters businesses irrespective of their size. Moreover, one can sell their goods or services with basic configuration using Shopify ecommerce development services, and that is why it is popular among sellers.

Why Choose Shopify WebStore For Your Ecommerce Business?

If you are new to the business and are looking to choose Shopify as your ecommerce platform, then you must find out what are the specifications and advantages it can offer you. Here, we have curated a list of a few of its several advantages that will definitely help you get a better insight to go for Shopify store development.

Setup Ease

If we count on the top reasons for choosing Shopify development company in India to get on your seller journey, ease of setup can be considered for this. Without any hassle, you can get started with it. You will need no technical knowledge or guidance for hosting your store. With the software and hosting needed to launch your store, you also get an intuitive and user-friendly admin interface and irresistible user interface. 


Several extensive documentation and video guides are available on the Shopify platform to help you get a better idea.

Easy Integration With Different Apps

Shopify offers easy integration with different tools and apps that can ultimately help you to enhance your web store experience for the visitors as well as for easy management of your store. This is a clear example of the customization aspects it offers to its sellers. Moreover, Shopify store development offers easy integration with CRM (Customer Relations Management) systems, including social media platforms, so that you can convert passive subscribers and followers into leads and regular customers.

Offers Enticing Online Store

You can choose from multiple templates, both free and paid to make your ecommerce webstore visually appealing. All of these are designed for acute mobile response and other devices. You can also select themes from third-party websites such as Themeforest to make your website enticing to visitors.

Smooth Payment Gateway

Shopify’s ecommerce marketplace platform eliminates the challenge of integrating a reliable payment gateway and that too, a secure one. In addition, as a web store owner, you get access to multiple options to choose from for aligning different payment gateways on your ecommerce store.

In-built SEO platform

As you know, a strong SEO strategy is a must to attract more customers to visit your web store. This becomes easy with Shopify as this platform is designed with in-built SEO. It also offers advanced SEO functionality, which allows you to update titles, meta tags, and alt tags. The platform also comes along with a unique feature that automatically generates a sitemap for Google submission to better index each page.

Provides Marketing Edge

In addition to the SEO functionality, you also get access to a more advanced marketing edge. Store owners can choose amongst the different tools available on the platform, including store statistics, discount coupons, email marketing, ecommerce analytics, custom gift cards, and much more.