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Wix - An Ultimate Solution For All Your Ecommerce Website Development Needs

Selling your products on popular global social media or sales channels like Facebook, Instagram, or Google Shopping is difficult. Only a few businesses successfully achieve these targets as they might lack a competent website builder, which helps gain positive results throughout the regular operations. Wix website development helps in the online creation of ecommerce websites with multiple advanced templates and free features so that you can sell your products online quickly and easily.

Statistics show that by 2040, online sales will account for about 95% of purchases globally. When you use Wix, a website developer is not required to help you with your websites, and this free website builder has an easy drag and drop website builder, SEO tools, and 24/7 customer support.

Why Choose Wix Website Development For Your Ecommerce Business?

Wix website development platform allows you to create a professional website with exceptional functionality. A small-scale ecommerce business can start with a free plan and can build their very own free website with Wix. 

We have listed few of the benefits you can leverage from Wix free website builder as a seller:

Easy To Use

Wix is a website-building platform that allows you to create a stunning website with ease. 


But why is it essential to include Wix in your business? 


Many website development platforms require complex and technical knowledge of the process, which makes that platform difficult and limited to a few people who possess such knowledge. But when you start with Wix website development, you will find an easy-to-use dashboard where you can add unique items as per your preferences. 


Beginners can access these features at a very minimal cost or maybe free.

Built-In Marketing Tools

Any ecommerce business that desires to be at par in their respective categories would surely require a very efficient marketing tool on the free website builder platform, which can help them not just in the creation of the website but also guide them with the best available options all around. Wix website development platform comes with several features like email marketing that makes it easy to collect the email addresses of the visitors on your website.


Using these effective tools can help you find more customers without putting much effort and allows you to reach out to a wider audience.


Wix website development is the powerful all-in-one platform to create a professional website for free and sell products online through all major sales channels. It is the best free website builder for small businesses, as it helps you surpass your sales goals. You can take advantage of its free templates to showcase your products and add an edge to the quality of your listings. 


You just need to collect the features and then decide which plan is suitable for your business.

Multiple Sales Channel

Regardless of the category or industry, businesses focus on a very similar target: profit and earning a huge profit. With Wix free website builder, you can easily sell your products on social media platforms, and with the help of multichannel sales, you can acknowledge your target audience.

Wix website development helps layout a strong foundation for your future operations and lessen the required efforts for any marketing purpose.

Multilingual Storefront (SEO Optimised)

Wix free website builder consists of SEO optimised multilingual storefront feature, which builds a connection between the customers and the store. This feature enables a huge population of different regions and categories to understand more about your business through any search engine. 

Step-By-Step Guide For Wix Website Development

Before starting the Opencart website development process, please ensure that the latest version of OpenCart is downloaded to the local project folder from the official OpenCart download page. Extract the zip archive from your current folder. Upload each file and folder from the “Uploads” folder to your server. Now, you need to install OpenCart on your device, which is configured very similarly to a shared hosting service.

Ensure all the folders at the server are writeable.


  • image/
  • image/cache/
  • cache/
  • download/
  • config.php
  • admin/config.php

At the initial step, you need to enter your email, a unique but strong password, and respond to a few questions related to the business.

Tip From Ecommerce Guru:

Because you are at the very first step of creating an ecommerce website, ensure that you do not accept fallacy while filling in your initial details related to your business.

Next, you would be asked to build your digital storefront with Wix’s editor features. It is very easy to use and also provides beautiful templates while creating a well-designed website.

Tip From Ecommerce Guru:

This advanced feature for Wix website development is easy and equipped with modern features and templates; try creating a different storefront that is unique and compatible with your business.

On the dashboard, click “Store Products” and “Products .” Here you will add your products with appealing images and short descriptions and put the prices according to your business goals.

Tip From Ecommerce Guru:

Add a picture or description of your products with short and clear content as it helps attract the visitors to see more of the website.

Click the “Settings” option, which is available on the dashboard. Here you need to click the “eCommerce & Finance” to set up the payment methods, shipping, and tax rate. For additional settings, you can go to the checkout process.

Tip From Ecommerce Guru:

Multiple payment and shipping options offer customers to conveniently pay the price of the products they have purchased at the store. And if your business lacks this very important option, users might switch to other available options.

To use Wix’s “Connect Your Custom Domain,” you’ll have to again go to “Settings” and click “Connect Domain,” then “Buy A Domain.” But if you have already bought a domain from another company, you would not be required to follow the same steps; you just need to select the “Connect A Domain You Already Own.”

Tip From Ecommerce Guru:

Hereafter, Wix website development will provide you with a step-by-step guide to help you connect your domain with the ecommerce website, so never miss out on going through this step.

If you are done with all the procedures, choose “Preview” to see how your digital store might look to any visitor. And if you are satisfied with the present look, you can then click “Publish” to make your site live, and it will be visible to others.

Tip From Ecommerce Guru:

For shopping purposes, consumers always look for a compatible and user-friendly free website builder. Before going live, please be sure that your newly created website can attract and deliver your business goals to your customers in the long run.

Finally, under the “Marketing & SEO” section at the dashboard, Wix website development platform will guide you on how you can make your ecommerce website searchable on Google with Facebook Ads, email campaigns, or any integrating tools if required.

Tip From Ecommerce Guru:

At last, when you are done with the entire Wix website development procedure, you must also avail the marketing feature available on your store’s dashboard. It will help you with several marketing features which will help you gain additional customers in a brief period.