10 Proven Ways to Drive Traffic To Your E-Commerce Site

10 Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your E-Commerce Site

Handling a business can never be easy, and when it comes to an online business, you’ll have to work more than your body’s potential. Regardless of how many hours you’ve put into getting your site ready for business, there’s no assurance that purchasers will pop out of nowhere. Thankfully, there are numerous tried-and-true methods for increasing site traffic. To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of eCommerce advertising strategies and best practices.

Necessity Of Driving Traffic To Your Website

After establishing an online business, focusing on driving traffic to your website is vital. If not, then there will be no use for an online business in the first place. To have visitors and turn them into actual customers is what driving traffic means. Let’s hear out those ten proven ways in the following lines:-

  1. Email Newsletter
  2. Advertisements
  3. Use Of Upselling And Cross-Selling
  4. Updating Your Page Constantly 
  5. Referral Programs
  6. Target Subscribers
  7. Adding Internal Links
  8. Be Active On Social Media
  9. Influencers Marketing
  10. Give Away And One-Plus-One Offer
  1. Email Newsletter

While automation has made bulk emailing easier, technologies like customization and market segmentation allow you to address the individual demands and pain points of your target audience. Content promotion using email newsletters is an efficient approach to enhancing website traffic.

  1. Advertisement

While organic search is still the most effective at driving traffic, paid advertising, such as pay-per-click (PPC) and social media, ads can assist with reaching a broader audience while targeting your ideal customer.

Organic and paid search dominate website traffic when utilised in tandem as part of a content-driven digital marketing strategy. In addition, sponsored and organic searches generate approximately 76% of overall traffic for B2B enterprises.

  1. Use Of Upselling And Cross-Selling

Upselling and cross-selling are excellent concepts to drive traffic to your website. Here, upselling means upgrading your customer with new technology, service, or goods in order to buy more. On the other hand, cross-selling means encouraging the customer to add a product or service to enhance the usage of the initially bought product. Let’s explain it with an example.

You just bought a computer, and the seller is asking you to also purchase a mouse and keyboard that is cross-selling. 

Suppose you bought a soup bowl, and the seller encourages you to buy a dinner set.

  1. Updating Your Page Constantly

Keeping up with trends is all you need to do, which means updating your products and services, including your all-over webpage. Why Is it important? Because people will get bored seeing the same things over and over again, they’ll go to some other website where they get fresh content.

  1. Referral Programs

Referral leads convert at a 30 percent higher rate than any other marketing approach. If your e-commerce store does not have a referral program, it is never too late to develop one.

  1. Target Subscriber

Subscribers are those who put their trust in you and subscribe to get updated; now, it’s your duty to give them regular status updates regarding products, services, blogs, delivery, and new items.

  1. Adding Internal Links

This stage is all about internal links on your e-commerce website. How will this affect e-commerce traffic? Sites that do not have sufficient internal linking do not rank as well as those that have a robust link-building strategy.

By constructing a web of links on your website, you are telling Google that you are an outstanding resource for what people want to buy and that you are an expert in whatever area you offer. This improves the user experience while also increasing your value to Google.

  1. Be Active On Social Media

Another step to drive traffic to your website is social media. In this speeding digitalisation, social media is playing a vital role. Every trend and every latest news spreads on social media way faster than any other thing.

  1. Influencers Marketing

Leaving your network and entering someone else’s is a terrific method to increase traffic to your site and reach new but related audiences. Working with recognized influencers or brand partners in your industry will help you win the trust of potential buyers.

  1. Giveaway And One-Plus-One Offer

Free is a compelling word. Just a single post of free products will get you traffic. Even if you can’t afford the word “free,” then the siblings will help you a lot. Giveaways and one-plus-one offers are some great options for you.


Above are 10 different ways to drive traffic to your website. One simply focuses on each step one by one. Having new things on your website every time will make people visit your website again and again. Experiment with the above strategies to expand the reach of your eCommerce site. Be deliberate in your channel and campaign selection, investing in those that best match the interests and behaviours of your target buyers.