12 Best Open Source CMS for Creating A Social Networking Website
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12 Best Open Source CMS for Creating A Social Networking Website

The only names that come to our mind are the best ones such as Facebook, Twitter, and a few others while talking about social media network websites. The social network is more than just a chatting forum in today’s world, it is also a hub of information and awareness.

You should have a deep understanding of PHP, MySQL, and Linux before creating any social network sites. But the creation of a social media site, even with a knowledge of coding languages, is a long, slow, and time-consuming process and no one guarantees its success. So, how to make a site of social networking?

The number of content management systems (CMS), the best social network CMS dedicated to building social networking websites has dramatically increased over the years as a result of such exponential growth. Thanks to their rising size, the best CMS for creating social networking site have been sparked by some good old-fashioned competition to provide the highest quality professional platforms.

List of Free & Best Social Network Open Source Platforms to build a social network:


BuddyPress is the best open source cms social media service that allows you to use WordPress to create a social networking website. It has the same frame structure as WordPress and makes it possible for you to customize a unique website. It is a free forum for open-source development.

Apps such as private messaging, a personal profile, a medium for communicating with friends, a discussion board, and much more are supported by the CMS. It also offers additional extensions and plugins. It’s the right option to take with you.


To maintain a website with an infinite number of writers and contributors, the Pligg content management system was built from the ground up. Both participating users, in turn, are in charge of the content of the website. This is in contrast to the traditional website structure, where the core content is managed by only a few managerial or administrative members.


With incredible depth, Dolphin is capable of creating social networks. Dolphin introduces “modules” in Drupal-esque that allow you to fully customize the look, feel, and function of your social networking website. As well as the thousands of extra third-party variables found on the BoonEx market, standard modules can be used.


Elgg is a strong platform for social networking, able to create all sorts of social worlds. The robust CMS is simple to use, comes packed with a variety of features, and provides additional functionality through various plugins from Elgg.

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PhpFox is capable of building an online community focused on social profiles and content sharing, much like Facebook and LinkedIn. You can easily build your robust social network with built-in features like pages and communities, message boards, surveys, instant messaging, and so on.


Oxwall is a PHP / MySQL social networking software application that is extremely versatile and easy to use, capable of creating fertile online communities. Various plugins available for users of Oxwall help the website to personalize and add social features.


Using Ning, on a whole new level, you will be able to interact and connect with your users. Ning is all about creating communities in style, thanks to a built-in email broadcast feature for HTML newsletters, combined with beautifully presented content and interfaces.


When it comes to building a professional social networking website, SocialEngine is the first preference for many people. It connects directly with major websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn on social media.


Insoshi was developed by Long Nguyen and Michael Hartl. It is now preserved by Objective Truth and Evan Dorn Designs. This is a framework designed for Ruby on Rails. This free builder for social networks is published under the MIT license. The installation takes about 30 minutes. It has an effective deployment framework and has version update support.


XOOPS is a traditional tool to grow from small to large group sites, web portals for intra-companies, and more. XOOPS has a modular format that can be expanded according to requirements. It’s supported by the online content management system.


Mixxt is a design company for social networks, designing social extranets and intranets. It allows cooperation, coordination, and the management of information through a single instrument. For accelerated growth and change, it has a dedicated website.


AstroSpaces is one of the best website creation companies for social networking. It is coded from scratch and is simple to use and very effective. It is customizable, and it uses the PHP environment. It uses the Smart Template Engine and is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

Wrapping Up

And you’ve got it there. Each of the best social networks CMS ¬†mentioned above offers its unique features, plugins, and extras for community building. Don’t forget that you’ll need a reliable web hosting company when you start setting up your social network.