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9 Trending Products to Sell Online in 2021

In this list, you will find the best products to sell online in 2021 or a great product to add to your existing store. You will find trendy products. Since every trending product is intended for a separate audience, we also share niche-specific tips to reach new clients. 

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Nail polishes

One of the most shopped items in 2021 was nail paints. Young girls are crazy for portraying different nail arts, and this led to a great increase in the sales of this product. It is one of the best top-selling products online


If you want to sell a high-profit product, look at selling blankets. Now, in the warm and cozy seasons, consumers are spending money increasingly. The increase in demand, estimated at 6.6 billion dollars in 2018, will lead to an estimated 9.9 billion dollars by 2027, growing to 4.6 percent in the CAGR, according to Future Market Insights research.


We’re no longer going to go to offices. We can’t hit the gyms as often as we want. But the only thing that we have all been able to do is to have workouts and to need fresh air every once in a while. In 2020, we saw a steady increase in demand for bicycles in our cars and motorbikes, and the trend continues in 2021 as well. People choose to take fewer roads to ride longer by themselves or with a group at times. A big yes to this hot product, which also serves the environment in India!

Jigsaw puzzles

Since the 1760s, jigsaw puzzles have been a popular hobby. It’s an excellent way to alleviate stress and make things beautiful. Today the jigsaw puzzle is being rethought by artistic artists and firms.

With an average of 823,000 monthly searches for “jigsaw puzzle,” it is obvious that in 2020 they made a comeback. After government-mandated lockdowns because of COVID-19, Google Trends has shown an immediate interest increase following a constant upward trend.


Rugs are one of the most recent trends in the quarter. Like other trendy products in the department of home decoration, we probably see an increase because of the recent work from the home trend. Area rugs bring all the elements of a room together and make rooms more welcoming and comfortable.

Cutting boards

At home, we spend a lot more time. In comparison to lunchtime, we have chosen to eat more homemade food. Thus, we were not surprised when the cutting boards were shown to be one of India’s hot sellers. After all, in your kitchen, you need it to prevent you from spoiling your crockery. And you would be surprised how even cutting boards are design- and shape-customized.

Laptop skins

Laptops are one of the random trendy items, which every few years are fashionable and which may make unbelievable gains while the trend is high. In this case, in 2009, 2016, 2020, and now 2021, laptop skins have claimed their fame. Well, you can blame the trend because of the amount of time we spend on our equipment?

According to Google Trends, the search term “Laptop Skins” reached a peak of interest at the beginning of August with a decrease of 14 points.

Essential oils and candles

Another one on our list of most profitable products to sell online is essential oils at the moment. With your focus on health and wellbeing, many businesses will take you back and explore nature to learn more about what we have to give every day.

Candles also appear to be one of India’s best-selling goods on similar lines. Due to temples, aesthetics, and other factors, scented candles have also found significant demand here. You may also, of course, explore selling the bundle to customers by selling candle holders.


Whether they work from home or get out for meetings occasionally, everyone wants to be efficient. The desire for clever electronics and appliances has also grown. However, to obtain them, the buyer doesn’t want to leave, which makes this a trendy online commodity!


These are the best nine best things to sell online that people shopped the most in 2021. Have a look at them and fill your shopping carts.