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Amazon & Flipkart Clock $9.2 billion in Gross Festive Sales

Amazon & Flipkart Clock $9.2 billion in Gross Festive Sales

The E-commerce market in India has generated 9.2 billion dollars in gross sales in 2021. Forester estimated that the online platforms gained about 70% of total sales in the festive deals.

The eCommerce marketing strategy is continuously growing. In 2018 the gross elsewhere was 3.6 billion, and suddenly, in 2021,, the industry made rapid growth. These gross sales have been achieved due to the covid-19 where people avoided offline shopping and going to malls. The Indian economy is increasing for E-Commerce and online retailers.

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The worldwide spread of the covid has created a new opportunity for the sellers, retailers and e-commerce platforms. The offline shops, supermarkets and malls also started selling the products online in the pandemic situation. The market opportunities for e-commerce in India may touch 100 billion dollars by 2026.

Customers prefer online shopping more than offline shopping because it is easy, time saving and safe. Grocery is the fastest-growing category during the lockdown period.

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E-Commerce firms like Amazon and Flipkart clock in at 9.2 billion dollars in gross festive sales.

Amazon is known initially for selling books through digital Kindle and building trust with the customer. Amazon has made significant investments and has achieved more in the past years.

E-Commerce companies like Amazon, Flipkart and others have hit about 9.2 billion in festive sales this year. With the help of promotion through online ads, 2021 got more responses for the festive deals and the brands.

Online festive offers in India grow by more than 23% every year.

In 2020, the e-Commerce platform festival offered gross sales of $8 billion during October and November, including brand sellers and third party analysts.

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Even in the lockdown period, the fashion category ranked top, showing that the E-Commerce platform sales grew more compared to the past years. Fashion and smartphones increased 50% of sales from the festive deals.

In 2021, the first week of the festival offer was in October where many E-Commerce platforms gave affordable rates and discounts.

Snapdeal, the leading platform, has witnessed 54 per cent growth in home and kitchen products and 93% growth in the beauty and sports category.

Meesho, the top reselling app, also conducted a flagship festival event this year, and more than 60% of growth was seen in sales. Lakhs of sellers joined meesho and started initiating the orders.

Amazon, the top eCommerce platform, also joined more than 70,000 sellers who started earning lakhs. Thousands of local shops became sellers on Amazon during the amazon festival sale, which helped them build their startup by bringing the new and tested products every 3 seconds.

Flipkart’s big billion-day sale attracted lakhs of sellers and micro-businesses, which grew almost 55% more than 2020. 57% of the sellers were from smaller cities and towns.

The sellers also started selling groceries and Kirana in the festive offer, making Flipkart grow six times more than in 2020. Free Online eCommerce training made thousands of sellers build an online presence.


Leading an eCommerce solution provider is not easy, but the lockdown made it easy. There are so many businesses and startups building an online presence for the satisfaction of customers and ease of delivery.