Basudha Shrivastav : The Multipreneur talks about her journey of her second startup - Ecommerce Guru

Basudha Shrivastav : The Multipreneur talks about her journey of her second startup

Basudha Shrivastav : The Multipreneur Talks About Her Journey 

Empfly, a business solution provider brand, is dominating the business solutions sector and earning its recognition. Looking at the success and innovation of the brand, we at Ecommerce Guru took the pleasure of inviting the COO of the brand, Mrs. Basudha Shrivastav, to inspire young minds and upcoming entrepreneurs. She is the co-founder of ExpressEarth Digital Services and Founder and Managing Director of Empfly Services Pvt Ltd. She graduated from IIM and is a member of Stanford Seed Spark. Apart from that, she is also a TIE Charter Member.

While at the interview, she promptly spoke about her brand’s ambitions, her vision and future goals.. 

  1. Tell Us A Little About The Company, How It Started, And The Services That You Are Providing.

Empfly, the second startup by Basudha Shrivastav, was conceived in 2021 during the covid era. Since the offices were not fully functional, the monitoring of employees got tricky but necessary. And hence management software like ours came into play. 

Industries like logistics, BPO/KPO, pharmaceuticals, delivery, etc., can highly benefit from this model to ensure transparency between the employer and the employee. 

  1. What Kind Of Products Do You Have To Offer?

Under IOS and Google cloud hosting, seven products/softwares are available to use after paying the subscription fee. 

The services like Travel Services, Expense Solutions, Field Force Monitor, AppTouchless Access Management, Touchless Attendance System, Attendance Manager App, and Touchless Checkin Hardware are some business solutions provided by Empfly. 

  1. What Has Been Your Business Journey Before Starting This Startup?

I worked for someone else until 2014 when I decided to leave and start my own business. I eventually told my parents and discussed my plans with them; they were as supportive as they had always been. Since I come from a family of engineers and government officials, nobody knew the ‘A B C’ of entrepreneurship, be it logistics, accounting, legal, etc. 

Nothing came easily to us, or nothing was passed down to us. We had to start from scratch. There were many things we had no idea about but discovered along the way. In a nutshell, my mistakes, experience, and learnings all came in handy and contributed to the success of my brands.

  1. What Has Been The Inspiration Behind The Brains Of Empfly?

I’ve always been an observer and listener. I noticed several problems with many departments’ management systems when I was employed. I always came up with creative solutions to various problems until one day, I turned it into a business. We immediately considered the more complex issues confronting India’s corporate sectors and all potential problems and began working on solutions.

  1. What Do You Think Are The Problems That Your Company Solves, Just Like You Mentioned Earlier?

The most critical task is to understand how to read and evaluate data. It is essential in every aspect of business, from purchasing decisions to employee performance evaluations. 

The second consideration is security. Employees’ physical safety is something that strengthens their faith in a company. After all, they are a company’s assets. They must understand that they are valued and appreciated.

  1. What Were The Problems That You Faced As A Startup Owner?

We are resolving problems that we previously encountered. That is why we have a thorough knowledge of the situation and we understand the issues from the other edge.

Additionally, as a startup, you are still learning many things. It follows that you require direction, the appropriate tools, and—most importantly—excellent mentoring. Finding qualified staff is the third issue. And finally, fundraising.

  1. What Is Your Advice To All The Young Entrepreneurs Out There?

I’d like to advise all the aspiring young entrepreneurs to gain some experience before launching a brand. You learn a lot on the job. You get knowledge of the company culture, how the industry operates, and its difficulties. You get to test your skills on actual tasks. 

Make them and get confident without fear. Above everything, maintain your optimism and perseverance.

  1. Delhi Government Has Been Encouraging Youngsters To Pursue Their Entrepreneurship Journey. What Is Your Take On Them? What Would You Like To Advise Those Youngsters To Start Their Journey With?

My advice is to look out for appropriate incubators. They aid in their talent development and fundamental understanding of business. Before entering the competitive world, they acquire both practical and theoretical knowledge. 

Second, you need the very finest mentors who can teach you and stay in touch with you over the long term.

  1. What Are Your Future Plans With This Company?

We are aiming to explore more in the Indian market more. We’ll concentrate on the sectors that are truly gaining from our model. In the next ten years, we want to expand this business internationally, join the Japanese and European markets, and dominate our sector.

  1. What Is Your Success Mantra?

Perseverance, dedication, and hard work serve as our guiding principles for success. The best approach involves these three crucial ideas.