How to build ecommerce theme on wordpress for Small Business
best free wordpress theme for ecommerce
best free wordpress theme for ecommerce

How to build ecommerce theme on wordpress for Small Business

Do you want to know best free wordpress theme for ecommerce or small business? It’s essential to have a spectacular theme to create an ecommerce website in wordpress that looks and works well if you want to expand your business online. It will add a professional touch to your website without requiring you to write a line of code.

We’ll show you the best free WordPress themes for small businesses in this article so you can choose one that you and your future clients can enjoy.

How to find a wordpress theme for a small business?

  • Consider Your Niche:

Check to see if the theme is appropriate for your industry.

  • Select Your Look:

Do you want to show off your creative side with a bold and modern look? Or a straightforward and quick website with easy navigation? Make sure your theme is compatible with your brand.

  • Select Responsively:

Gone are the days when you might get away with not having a mobile-friendly website for your small company.

  • Look for SEO assistance:

The majority of paying themes are SEO-friendly, which is just what you want.

  • Analyze Your Browser’s Compatibility:

Check that your theme works in all browsers, not just the one you’re using.

  • Examine the Plugin Integration:

Check to see if your theme would work with standard plugins. Let’s take a look at the best choices now that you know how to choose a theme for your WordPress blog.

Themes for Small Businesses: Best Free WordPress Theme For Ecommerce

If you’ve been wondering which wordpress ecommerce themes for small businesses are the best, your search is over. Take a look at this selected list of the best WordPress themes for small businesses:

  1. Divi: 

Elegant Themes’ Divi is one of the most common multi-purpose WordPress themes currently available. It’s an excellent choice if you want complete control over your website but has no web design or coding experience.


  • Visual Drag and Drop Builder with a lot of options
  • 20 Layouts and Templates that are ready to use
  • Custom Layouts Can Save
  • Customization in its entirety
  • Split-testing 
  • Easily transportable
  1. OceanWP:

OceanWP is a quick and customizable WordPress theme that can help you build any website you like, and it’s especially effective for future business websites. The best thing about this theme is that you can customize it without having to get too technical.


  • Popular Page Builders are supported.
  • WooCommerce integration allows you to increase revenue by adding live WooCommerce sales updates.
  • A WordPress Theme That Is Completely Responsive
  • Layouts for Header
  • Color Schemes have No Limits
  • Widgets that can customize
  • Slideshows of images
  1. Astra:

Though it’s designed for speed and is easy to set up, Astra belongs on this list of the best WordPress themes for small businesses. With this fantastic theme, you can easily create a professional and trendy business website, even if you’re a beginner.


  • Shockingly Fast
  • Setup is easy.
  • Page Builders Are Comparable
  • Completely customizable
  • Website Templates for WooCommerce Support 1-Click Setup
  1. SeedProd:

Straightforward, tidy, lovely, and simple, and the best free wordpress theme for ecommerce. The SeedProd landing page builder for WordPress changes the system for website owners who want to customize their theme’s pages to look and function exactly how they want them.


  • There’s no need to change your WordPress theme to use it.
  • Creates landing pages with a high conversion rate.
  • Email marketing systems are integrated.
  • It’s speed-optimized and won’t slow down your web.
  • Blocks with a lead emphasis
  • Variety of page templates.

Wrap up:

Do you want to improve the sales of your small business? You can read this article on the best wordpress ecommerce theme if you end up creating a site with a theme you find or one of the themes featured in this post. Don’t forget to use the world’s most beginner-friendly WordPress forms plugin to get your new site up and to run right away.