BigCommerce: Why to Use BigCommerce for Your Startups in 2022
Why to use BigCommerce for Your Stratups in 2022

BigCommerce: Why to Use BigCommerce for Your Startups in 2022

Every e-commerce platform would need robust shopping cart software that can cater to their and the customer’s needs. While there is much online shopping cart software available, BigCommerce has emerged as one of the most popular and user-friendly ones. Due to the numerous incredible features and ease of use, many e-commerce platforms have chosen this software for efficient work. When compared in general terms of BigCommerce vs Shopify, it has been noted that BigCommerce provides many world-class features at a very affordable rate.

Apart from some of the primary benefits of BigCommerce, this platform has many other benefits and hence the reason it is so popular among the growing startups. Here are some of them listed.

Efficient Support System

Since an e-commerce platform is working all day and every day, the support system should also be working alongside in the same rhythm. BigCommerce has eliminated the issue of running behind all the time, every time a problem occurs. Their support system is working 24*7 to assist and cater to your problems all along. This eliminates unnecessary headaches, and the workflow is kept efficient.

Connected to Multiple Websites

The BigCommerce developer platform serves its name well. It is connected to multiple high-end online selling platforms like eBay and Amazon. Once you create your store and list products, you can then link it to popular selling platforms like eBay, Amazon, and even Facebook Marketplace. These are subtle benefits that will drive an adequate amount of traffic to your website. Moreover, the social aspect is also not overlooked while you reach millions of people.

Product Syndication

As discussed in the previous point, the multi-platform linking system of BigCommerce drives a vast audience to your website and promotes it thoroughly. As soon as your store is ready, it is also integrated into popular shopping feeds such as Shopzilla and the dedicated product search system of Google.

Loyalty Quotient

With the BigCommerce API, you can efficiently generate exciting gift cards and discount coupons after every purchase made by a customer. All these are ways to retain customers and, as a result, develop the customer loyalty quotient. These are structured methods of marketing and are pretty popular these days.

Multiple Payment Gateway Connection

The BigCommerce shopping platform is connected conveniently to most popular payment gateways like Paypal, Google Pay and Amazon Pay. This provides various options to the customers, and they can choose from the necessary one.

Shipping Convenience

Like the website and payment gateway connectivity, BigCommerce is linked to some of the most popular shipping providers. Since online shopping is incomplete without shipping and delivery, BigCommerce rightfully excels in it. Moreover, there is extreme ease of return for the customers who are not satisfied with their purchase.

Wrapping Up

BigCommerce has recently launched a program named BigCommerce affiliate program where they felicitate active affiliates who promote their site and bring more customers on board. They take these steps in making their platform bigger and more popular amongst the startup culture.