CosIQ - A New Popular Name In The Skin Care Industry -
CosIQ - A New Popular Name In The Skin Care Industry

CosIQ – A New Popular Name In The Skin Care Industry

CosIQ is a name that is swiftly capturing the Indian skin industry and receiving all the appreciation they deserve. We at Ecommerce Guru interviewed the co-founder and the leader of the brand, Mr. Angad Talwar. Telling about his brand’s journey, he also promptly spoke about his vision on what parameters should a skincare product be prepared.

CosIQ has been doing exceptionally well in the market. They have been selling their glowing skin care regimen that is backed up with innovation and science. The brand has become a head turner after impressing Sharks at the famous television business funding platform, Shark Tank.

What Does CosIQ Deal With? Having Only The External Information About The Company, We Are Curious To Know More. 

CosIQ exclusively supplies professional-grade skincare products made with high-quality ingredients that we believe will benefit your skin. We are a skincare line that is scientifically innovative, clinically effective, and offers a really unique take on a wide range of skin-friendly formulations.

As You Mentioned, You Primarily Try Dealing With Organic Products; What Exactly Are They?

We are currently limiting our focus to a certain category like one we have for SunScreen Serum which is our “best-selling product.” Each of our products are formulated with organic goodness to their core. We don’t just put false promises on the net but we believe in results. We recently have tapped into face washes and moisturisers for different skin types.

How Do You See CosIQ Doing Better Than Other Brands?

I have often witnessed that even the reputed brands put out false information on their packaging. For instance, a brand once mentioned that their product contains 32% of vitamin C which is not exactly feasible. Higher quantities of vitamin C can even do more harm than good. We at CosIQ don’t mislead our consumers and put all the important and true facts on our labels that our consumers must know. 

How’s Your Business Journey, And How Did It Help You Come Up With The Idea?

We had started researching the products a year before when we began CosIQ. Also, Kanika had been in touch with some big brands that are already doing great in the field. So we had all the experience and knowledge to get going. 

CosIQ Earned Good Hype In Its Early Quarter Sales; What Made It Possible?

It will not be justified if I say only four months because, as I mentioned before, we had already started working a year ago. Also, I think being true to our customers was one of the factors for such an outstanding sales record. Thus we didn’t put much effort into marketing. 

How Was Your Shark Tank Journey, And What Changed In Your Business?

Our Shark Tank journey was fantastic; as a small venture, it was a wonderful chance to gain direct exposure. It might be overwhelming to have validation from all of the Sharks and getting to know that our product is promising. The funding from Vinita and Anupam is a huge step forward, also having such a supportive response from the audience was fantastic.

Before going to Shark Tank, we had 8 SKUs, and now it has reached 25. Selling from a single marketplace Amazon, now we are on multiple marketplaces. So yes, it is proving to be a game-changer for us. 

Are You Going For Expansion To The International Market?

Yes, we intend to enter the foreign market eventually. But first, we need to get a good understanding of how everything works.

Tips For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

A very simple yet pro tip! Aspiring entrepreneurs should understand that it is very easy to start but challenging to keep running at the same pace. You all young leaders need to have faith in yourselves and your brand and a ‘no give up’ attitude. And for the young startup, don’t be disheartened if there’s no sale one day, but you never know what the future holds. Also, be open to critics! 

Was There Any Plan B In Mind, If Not An Entrepreneur?

Not being an entrepreneur was never on the table. I had never thought of employing someone else. Not just with CosIQ, but even if I had not started this, I could be into some other business of my own.