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How Live Chat Can Transform Your Online Store in 2022

Consider this scenario: you’re at your favorite shoe store, seeking your size in a pair of boots that caught your eye, but you can’t seem to find it. Are they out of stock, you wonder? Isn’t it true that these boots don’t come in half-sizes?

You search the area for a helpful employee, but no one is around. The only thing on the wall is a plaque that directs you to a phone number where you may speak with a representative. You could do that, but it appears to be a lot of work for a simple query.

Do I truly want these boots? you begin to question. Finally, you come to the conclusion that wasn’t meant to be and depart empty-handed. 

When you don’t have proactive live chat on your e-commerce website, this is precisely what occurs. Around 85% consumers will not wait for an email answer or to be placed in a phone line to ask a question about a product they’re considering. Customers will leave your business and go somewhere else if they can’t obtain a response immediately.

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What are the major benefits of having live chat?

With a live chat service in your arsenal, eCommerce sites like yours can do more than just increase sales. In reality, there are several advantages to including this component on your website. Here are a few of the most important ways that live chat may help your company and give your e-commerce marketing strategy positive results.

  • Customer convenience: Today’s consumers are accustomed to immediate interaction across the board, thanks to the internet and smartphone technologies.
  • Low cost: We’ve already mentioned how live chats may increase sales and create customer connections, but the service can also help you save money. Implementing live chat is very low-cost, and it actually lowers contact center costs.
  • Competitive advantage: With more businesses turning to live chat, now is the time to get involved. The eCommerce industry is becoming increasingly competitive, so you’ll want to jump onboard the live chat train while it’s still moving at full speed.

Both your consumers and your organization will benefit from live chat.

According to 73 percent of customers, the most crucial aspect of effective customer service is a firm that values its time. That’s right: effective customer service is about avoiding wasting consumers’ time, not about free delivery, simple returns, or even being kind.

The most efficient strategy to respect your clients’ time is to provide live chat assistance. It doesn’t need your consumers to interrupt their purchasing experiences to acquire answers, nor does it require them to call or wait for a response to an email.

Customers’ inquiries are answered via live chat before they become reservations

When a buyer has a query and can’t find an immediate response, they’re more likely to think twice before buying. Those inquiries quickly lead to reservations.

Let’s say a buyer has a query regarding shipping charges to their city, but there’s no way for them to acquire an answer while on your website. The customer may be unsure about the delivery cost and begin to question if purchasing the product is worthwhile.

Customer communications are kept on the brand through live chat.

Customers will have a more seamless support experience if you include live chat into your eCommerce website. Because live chat is textual communication, it maintains the dialogue that began on your website without requiring users to modify their mindsets. Representatives from live chat might be directed to use the same tone of voice as the rest of your website.

Other types of service require clients to contact your shop via a separate “contact us” page, which pulls them away from the carefully crafted amazing customer experience you’ve created through your website.

You can learn a lot about your clients’ habits by using live chat.

Customers prefer live chat versus a follow-up phone call or email survey because you can ask for feedback directly after you’ve handled their problem within the conversation.

Furthermore, because it occurs in real-time, there is no time for the happy sentiments associated with a helpful phone or email support encounter to fade away. Instead, you’re riding the wave of a positive connection that just happened that directly affects your e-commerce conversion rates.


Because customers have learned to demand individualized attention in practically every aspect of the shopping experience, live chats have grown in popularity as a means to communicate directly with both existing and potential customers. Naturally, eCommerce sites are well-suited to this strategy, and live chat is a useful tool for cultivating brand loyalty and long-term consumer connections.

Sites like Shopify are already providing services to assist retailers to include live chat into their operations. However, converting those talks into actual sales is the difficult part. Fear not, since eCommerce proactive live chats may help you increase your revenue and have a major influence on your bottom line.