How Can We Get Customer Reviews for Our E-Commerce Store?

How Can We Get Customer Reviews for Our E-Commerce Store?

The making of an e-commerce store is only the first step in business. There must be transactions occurring regularly, but there is no option available to evaluate the store currently in the online world. Social proof, especially in the form of customer reviews can be an effective tool for your store’s sale boxes. The customers may not be providing reviews on the site even after repeated requests, many owners get stuck in this vicious cycle.  To some, this idea of getting review doesn’t go down very well. This aspect is commonly neglected but it has the potential to make conversions. In a recent study, one review increases orders by 10% and if it is for 30+, the orders increase to 40%. In this article, the steps to get quick yet relevant reviews on the store will be convenient enough.

The steps are:-

Identification of possible customers to give reviews

  • In the first place, the process includes the identification of buyers who will give reviews. They are the ones who recently bought from the e-commerce store and they will do willingly.
  • Another possibility is to try out customers who have purchased bulk orders ranging to a few thousand, and are favorable to give reviews rather than persons who are trying out the portal for the first time. The reviews from buyers who are loyal will boost the future of the platform, which means more business.

Ask for customer reviews

  • If proper classification and final charting are done, the next step is to politely ask to review your products and the experience they had in the e-commerce store. In this venture, email may act as a powerful option, increasing your reputation and increasing the chances. E-mail is the preferred choice as they can be customized to a personal note adding some details like the customer’s name showcases the care the store has for its loyal consumer.
  • There are tools to view who opened the mail and can resend it to them any times required. According to the response available, changes in strategy or design be done.

Automatic response

  • The previous step has now made clear of the people to whom the emails are sent and who are all likely to buy new products. The retailers use some techniques where it is programmed to send emails to customers after they have bought a number of products.
  • This means they are loyal and are much likely to buy from the store, increasing the sales. Automatic email marketing tools are available for quick use.

Email marketing

  • The first impression from the side of owner to the customer is the personalized email which builds a sense of connection between the two. This technique can be multiplied and be used on all platforms.
  • Social media platforms in this respect are a genius, people will review the product, which can motivate people to buy from the store.

Provide incentives

  • Another initiative might be provision for incentives. The customers can be given some coupons or discounts for providing a review. This strengthens the bond, the buyers have already trusted their money with the site, and if a little is given back, there are chances of getting it back.
  • While giving the coupons, it is recommended to include some offerings, which will encourage the customer to keep shopping.