How to Create a Best Sales Campaign on Your E-Commerce...

How to Create a Best Sales Campaign on Your E-Commerce Website

It is the undeniable truth about marketing world, that a successful sales campaign is an essential objective with the cloak of uncertainty, for even the best players in the market. So let’s proceed together into the plethora of options to choose from for a successful sales campaign.

Devise a time plan

The sales in e-commerce marketplaces go into a frenzy, due to their prolonged promotion on arrival of a festive season. Be it the marriage season, Diwali, Eid, or Christmas. This is the time when sales happen on a large scale, as gifts are being exchanged, new clothes are bought, furniture, appliances, home décor everything is on the table for sale with multiple buyers.  Regular sales offers (like 20% off for today! Or Buy One Get One free!) can also help in encouraging customer loyalty and promoting brand image.

Focus on the type of offer

Building an appealing sales option is more cumbersome than it appears to be. Conjuring a good enough image in the minds of the prospective customers and giving it an outlook of personal benefit for him, involves a lot of work. Decide what you would like to go for-

Discount with minimum order placement:  Every once in a while a sales campaign involving a certain percent off on the price after crossing a given purchase limit is presented. These type of offers do not always guarantee a huge sale but if coupled with perfect timing, it can be a rewarding opportunity.

Free Shipping: This goes without mentioning that often the marketplaces and online shops that offer frees shipping on a regular basis are favored by the customers. Whether its feasible option as a seller or not for a given product is your prerogative.

Coupons:  Coupons are omnipresent in today’s business so much as an online platform for providing coupons to customer like coupondunia is a popular choice among many. It can be used to further the present sales.

Discounts:  Goes without introduction, this option is always a go to when a sales campaign is planned. For a customer it’s a sight for the sore eyes as 50% off and above is a dream come true!

Social Media? Check!

If there is no hype on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, the words hype needs to be redefined. These platforms are a regular hangout engagement for a large customer base, and provides increased coverage. Whether it is under the targeted audience or not, it covers everything!

When it  comes to sales, a perfectly time product with a calculated target base, keeping in mind the stock and balancing the brand image amalgamates itself into a successful promotion technique