How to Register on Meesho as a Seller?
How to Register on Meesho as a Seller

How to Register on Meesho as a Seller?

E-Commerce websites are now gaining a lot of popularity due to which small-town people can dream of having an independent financial background. Primarily women, Meesho has become quite popular to sell products that they have made or through reselling. Meesho is an online website that promotes the selling and buying of different products at low rates.

There are specific steps that need to be taken before taking a plunge in the online e selling world. Here, they can display their items to be viewed and purchased by numerous people all over the country. This provides a forum for sellers who work from home with no investment and conduct their business.

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Steps with the initial process of registration and profile making:

  • Firstly a seller has to complete the registration process by filling up a form and submitting it. Click here to create your account on Meesho.
  • Following this, the Meesho seller account needs to be created, for which the seller has to have their GSTIN and bank account details. This is for billing purpose so that the bills for all the purchase is made quickly and legally.
  • After all the necessary information is put in, and the details are filled incorrectly, the user is transferred to the Meesho seller panel for displaying the products.
  • It is now on the seller to say pictures of their products and categorize them into different groups. Each catalogue must contain images that provide variety and show the different types of products.
  • It is a straightforward process to upload pictures in Meesho, where we click on the upload option and keep adding the photos of the products that we want to sell.
  • Contact Meesho at

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We must keep a good look in the Meesho supplier panel as that shows us the status of our products in transit. It gives us the correct picture of the amount that we have earned and also lets us know which product has more demand. It helps us keep track of what products are moving and which are stagnant, and through this way, we can evaluate our options and provide more variety for the items that the buyers like more. It is imperative for sellers to keep a keen eye on the sales and the trend in which the people are interested so that they can create products that are up to date with the latest fashion.

GST Guidelines & High Sales with “Next Day Delivery” (NDD)

One of the biggest concerns that many sellers fret about is how to sell on Meesho without GST (get consult with us) but that has a real good crack with it.

  • It is for the home-based sellers to know that a GST license is needed only if the annual business turnover exceeds Rs.40 lakhs and more. If that is not the case, sellers may continue business without a GST license. But some particular states have a turnover target of Rs.20 lakhs.
  • The main thing, however, that the sellers should focus on is providing the best quality products and emphasizing the NDD scheme. NDD is Next Day Delivery, and this is an option that attracts clients 12%more than usual. People are keen to get the product instantly after they pay for it and more than fast delivery. So, this should be one of the biggest strengths of the seller.

Sellers should remember that there is Meesho supplier support that helps them in every way. All they have to do is log in with their email address and password, and there will be people at the other end providing optimal service in every way.

Transparency in Determining Payment & Checking Delivery

Meesho works very pretty fast when payments are concerned. The sellers get paid after 15 days of purchase, and that covers nearly everything. To be clear, an example works like this; suppose a seller sells a product and gets paid on the 1st of the month. They will receive their payment from Meesho on the 16th of the month, fifteen days after the buyer pays. This is the probation time in the buyer’s interest if they find a defect in the product. In this case, the product needs to be returned, and a new product gets sent, or the buyer could opt for a refund.

Why Suppliers Love Meesho?

Meesho also promotes the tagline: Sell your products to crores of customers on Meesho at 0% commission

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