How to run online contests effectively to boost sales in 2021

How to run online contests effectively to boost sales in 2021

The growth of a business can sound like a little marathon. It takes months to get an enterprise up to speed in some situations. However, would it take so long? Maybe not. Not maybe.

We’re here to tell you that it’s so much easier than you think if you ever wanted to run an online market, but thought that it would be too hard to handle. Especially if you have the required work tools. Give away ideas for a growing business is one of the quickest ways to sell more and create interest for your brand.

What Are the Benefits of Running an Online Contest?

Is it a good idea to wonder whether to run an online contest or giveaway? Let us explore some of the benefits of more run contest on online store 2021 closely:

  • Increase Website Traffic
  • Boost Your Social Media Followers
  • Grow Your Email List
  • Boost Your Social Media Followers
  • Generate Targeted Leads

How to run a social media contest

Each time you start a new contest or giveaway, we will take a few steps, so that you know exactly how to start yourself, so we will each run through one.

1. Set an online contest or giveaway goal:

Just ask yourself what you want from your online contest or giveaway before doing anything else. You must set a goal.

Here are some common goals to increase sales for small business:

  • Sales generation
  • Brand awareness enhancement
  • Increase user involvement
  • Connect your website to traffic
  • Get more subscribers to email
  • Collect content generated by users
  • Get more followers on social media
  • Build a new product or service buzz

Choose a goal that suits the overall business and marketing targets. Once you pick a target and are more likely to achieve the results you want, it is much easier to run a competitive online competition.

2. Determine your contest type:

You can focus on the type of competition around what outcomes you are aiming for because you know what your targets are. If you want to increase the number of participants, ask them to monitor your website or profile. This is famous on Instagram in particular.

You may ask people to register or enter their mail before entering if you want to generate more leads and increase your email list. You can do this on a landing page and link this from any platform or create a Facebook tab for your unique competition.

Or you can collaborate with other companies, and all post the giveaway on your profile, if you are most interested in simply raising your scope and brand recognition, or you can invite the entrants to name a friend as a way of entry and spread the word.

3. Choose the Right Contest Prize:

To get a lot of buzz and lots of entries in your contest, you need your prize game. Cash, gift cards, and free products or services are the most popular competitive prizes. 

Your target audience and brand would be the most important items to consider when choosing awards for your online contest. Choose prizes which concern your audience and you will attract the participants to your competition.

4. Know your audience:

First of all, you have to know who you are and where you are on social media. If you understand this, you can find out which platform(s) for your social media sweepstakes you should concentrate on.

You may also help you decide which kinds of awards or competitions will make more sense to know and understand your audience.

5. Understand contest rules:

Each platform has specific contest rules that you must comply with to continue to participate. Make sure you read each of the platform rules you choose, understand, and follow.

6. Run your contest:

Advertise it on your selected media channel, promote and encourage it even more on other platforms, in your email newsletter, and even on your website for more mood. Promote your prizes, set your contest length, and look at your entries.

7. Measure your results:

When you complete your contest, the winner has been confirmed and his reward is being sent out, it is time to dive into and see the results.

What did you try to accomplish? You want to calculate outcomes based on your goals from the beginning. And you can use Sprout reports to assist you in each assessment. Check your platform-specific report, draw your trends report to calculate the use of the hashtag, and see if your commitment reflects the effect of your contest.

Wrapping Up:

Quality content is a must for any company looking to successfully manage its business online, from search to social. Good content is, however, challenging and time-consuming to make. Fortunately, content-driven competitions offer a fun and scalable way to create your content.