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How To Set Up A Dropshipping Business In India?

How To Set Up A Dropshipping Business In India?

Often heard of a dropshipping business in India? Here is everything you need to know about it precisely! 

Are you thinking of adapting dropshipping business model but don’t know where and how to start? 

If you do not wish to convert your business idea into product manufacturing and production or are not sure what products to sell, then dropshipping business in India is a great option. The reason for following this business idea is very obvious, and we will explain to you why! Read further…

A Quick Introduction:

As you know, the ecommerce industry is giving rise to switching to online shopping for various purchases, and people are following this trend! So, in this case, the dropshipping business has emerged as a revolutionary strategy for many new ecommerce entrepreneurs.

Note: This strategy is a seller-friendly business idea giving blooming results. As per the reports, several products managed through dropshipping business ideas are often in customers’ demand!

So, let’s know about this dropshipping business!

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What Is Dropshipping Business In India?

Dropshipping business in India is a type of business model in which the sellers keep no inventory.

Suppose you are a seller, so for this, you can start manufacturing the products and can contact a third supplier to deliver them on your behalf! The supplier should be the one providing the same product to the customers prior. 

You do not need to manage the inventory and create the product as a seller. You only have to accept the orders and notify the supplier about them. The rest work is done by the supplier only!

Fact: India is still opting for this business model, and gradually gaining popularity. It gives a lot of advantages to the seller, so if you are commencing a dropshipping business in India, make sure to consider the following factors.

Follow These Steps To Set Up Your Dropshipping Business In India!

Every company has to follow a standard process flow to set up dropshipping! The procedure includes:

  • Select The Relevant Products:

It is the drop shipper’s choice to choose the right products for their future business. For this, there are several independent vendors who are looking for a person to sell their products. The choice is broad!

  • Shop Online:

After selecting the products, you can import them to an online store, with or without prices. You can set prices as per your wish because, in the end, the profit margin will go to your account and not to the sellers’.

  • Take Customers’ Orders:

When a customer visits your store, they examine your products first! If they find the right one, they pay for its purchase. The supplier gets notified of the order you have received, and you must pay the agreed money to them.

  • Shipping And Delivery:

The product gets successfully shipped and delivered to the customer with a tracking number. This provides you with the tag of white-label shipping and helps customers know that you sell products from the respective supplier brand.

Cost And Payment Methods Needed To Start Dropshipping Business In India

You can allow customers to use multiple payment methods of their choice. This will also help your online business to grow more as customers get to pay for their purchases however they want!

Suppose you want to follow a dropshipping business model. In that case, you should accept payments from debit cards, credit cards, EMIs, BHIM UPI, Paypal, online banking, bank transfer, wallets, and cash on delivery (COD). This will give you not only more customers but also a significant market value! 

Note: You do not need to worry about the starting cost of the dropshipping business in India. If you have the right online platform to start your business, it will cost you nothing. Always remember that a great mindset and efficiency will take only an hour to establish a successful business.

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Thinking Of Hiring An Agency To Build A Dropshipping Business Model For You?

It would be best if you choose the right moves for your store to target the potential audience. Hence, if you hire the right agency to plan your dropshipping business in India, you can be the best!

At ECOMMERCE GURU, we assist you in selecting the right marketing strategy, good products, and targeted audience and in building an attractive website! You might lack many things, so our team of experts will help in every step of setting up a successful dropshipping business model.

Call us and learn more about our business strategies and gain higher profits!