Maytree Success Story: How Empowering Students...
Maytree Success Story

Maytree Success Story: How Empowering Students (Startups) Made Maytree School Of Entrepreneurship A Success

A Patna-based School of Entrepreneurship led by Rohit Kashyap, the Founder and the CEO, started in 2019, focused on providing business education and not just education; unlike most teaching institutions, Maytree offers various career options and guidance to the students post-completion of the course. As a result, thousands of students and professionals from more than 20 countries have joined the program, believing in their vision of transforming traditional education. Maytree School of Entrepreneurship is currently open in Delhi, Noida and Patna.

Why And How Did The Idea Of Maytree Come Into Existence?

As we all know, the pressure of Boards exams in India has grown into a do-or-die event which makes students go through a lot of stress and anxiety. When Rohit was just 18, he was approached by his friends for career-related guidance, which inspired him to step forward. And due to his great teaching and mentor skills, he got hundreds of calls within a short period of his “Call pai charcha with Rohit Kashyap” initiative, where people joined him and discussed their problems.

After a few successful online programs, he decided to start giving business education to his institution, which he named Maytree School of Entrepreneurship. It mainly focuses on Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing, Personal branding is more than 500 colleges across India.

The United Nations Appreciated Rohit’s Relentless Efforts.

A few months back, he was awarded by the United Nations for his zealous attitude of providing education even to those who possess the will to learn but lack the resources. As a result, he was given KARAMVEER CHAKRA, the global civilian honour given by the international confederation of NGO(iCONGO) in partnership with the United Nations. This award is a tribute to India’s former late President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

“Before setting up Maytree, I thought of starting my own business, but due to various causes, my entire business collapsed, and I had to move forward. And here the actual entrepreneur mindset comes into the game; I didn’t step back and decided to begin with a new journey where I thought of providing a better business education and other resources to the people, who are planning to step in this field”,

Rohit said

What Maytree Does?

Since its inception, Maytree has mentored more than 1,200 students worldwide and incubated more than 50 revenue-generating startups. Maytree charges upfront Rs. 4,999 for its group mentorship one-to-one program or an additional fee if a startup requires more assistance in the future. The academy also acquires small equity in other startups that varies from company to company. 

Maytree’s Aspirations and Funding Plans

Maytree School of Entrepreneurship is bootstrapped, around 4 million have already been invested and more to be invested by the committed partners. The major future plan of the academy is to train more than 1 million students. Rohit and his team have stressed the expansion of Maytree, as they see potential in their Idea of transformation of education. Therefore, it can be expected that Maytree might achieve its goals within a very short period.