Myntra Mall- India's First Digital Mall| Experience Mall on Application
Myntra Mall Digital Mall

Myntra Mall- India’s First Digital Mall

Myntra launches a digital mall, allowing shoppers on its app to experience the official brand stores (OBS) of different brands. It combines the offline mall experience, where buyers choose to visit the brand stores for a complete offering review, with the convenience of being online. This one-stop digital destination provides a concentrated discovery process for consumers.

As e-tailers Flipkart, Myntra, Amazon, and Reliance Retail Ltd make a rush to develop as the top players, ramping up alliances with offline retailers, which continue to be disrupted by the pandemic, India’s fashion retail landscape is rapidly shifting.

The Myntra Mall will bring to the fore countless possibilities for brands to acquire and engage customers efficiently and creatively, particularly now, Ramani added, when going to malls has slowed down.

Myntra Mall currently has 30 brands with their personalized ‘official brand stores’, a combination of online and offline. It will have 60 brands and 1 million regular visits by the end of 2021, according to Myntra.

This month, it was released ahead of the flagship’ end of reason sale’ (EORS). The Myntra-Mall’s features and widgets, conceptualized and built in-house, including those directed at customization and recommendation, smooth the user experience to create a top-to-toe look with their top products, removing the need to search multiple pages and use filters to access the goods.

According to Indian media reports, shoppers will easily navigate numerous deals from their brand of choice, including new releases, latest range, best offers, bestsellers, everyday categories, and latest trends, in addition to embedded capability.

Like other e-commerce sites, to create greater synergy, Myntra has also been aggressively introducing offline brands, even as shopping malls increasingly open up. Big offline distributors have also been heavily dependent on online presence to raise revenue.

Myntra will expand space within the digital mall to provide an ‘official brand shop’ for interested brands, the company said.

In addition to auto-refresh content from the product catalogue of a brand at regular intervals, the platform would also give them a degree of control over the design, content, and experience.

E-tailers are actively introducing value-focused brands, forging strategic online-offline alliances, and boosting private labels. With approximately 50 This year, million first-time consumers anticipated shopping online, with apparel being the first touchpoint on e-commerce platforms.

Like other e-commerce businesses, to build greater synergy, Myntra mall’s first offline store has also been successfully onboarding offline brands, even as shopping malls increasingly open up. Big offline distributors have also been heavily dependent on online presence to raise revenue.


It is a major evolutionary innovation that helps brands present their products in a more organized form, to create equity with millions of people and win their loyalty. Myntra-Mall aims to provide brand-conscious consumers with the best deals from the brands directly displayed among a host of other features with the ease of shopping online. Enabled by Myntra’s deep analytics that shows that 35 percent of searches have brand words inside them, the proposal’s scale-up is expected to transform the online shopping experience of customers.