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Rahul Gupta: Beyond Just An Entrepreneur

Rahul Gupta is a Google certified digital marketer specialising in digital marketing, especially in SMO, SEO, Analytics, advertising, and content marketing. He’s not just an expert but a successful founder of Monetize, StockRise, Mythyam, IndiFuture, and co-founder of Pixel and Alzebra. 

He is also a firm believer in supporting young minds and providing them with whatever support they want. You will be reading about him and getting a 360 overview of his entire journey.

Let Us Give You A Sketch Of Rahul Gupta

Rahul Gupta, the founder of the “Monetize” operating for 15 years, holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from MIT and a master’s degree in finance from IBS in Bangalore. Also, he completed an MBA in Marketing from Dehradun’s ICFAI University. 

Most importantly, he has recently received the Nation’s Icon Award for his relentless efforts.

And What Took Monetize Into Reality?

Like many others after getting completed MBA in Marketing from ICFAI University, Dehradun, Rahul learned that the chances of receiving job opportunities in India are limited. As we know a large section of the young Indian population still has to confront multiple challenges like non-placement, or low paying jobs etc. 

And this became the crucial factor that kicked his mind to go with his own idea. So, then along with five people Rahul established the “Monetize” firm in 2016.

He Found His Major Interests In The Crypto World

His scope of interest is comprehensive, and it encompasses Blockchain, NFT, and Metaverse. He is the driving force behind Madhya Pradesh’s first NFT, which debuted in Indore. Rahul has received honours not only for his work but also for his learning attitude. 

With the help of his business, several well-established companies taste success due to this mindset. He owns and operates an IT and digital marketing firm and is a reliable name across the field. 

Not Just his Professional Career, But Rahul Is Equally Devoted To His Social Life As Well

Rahul’s interests are diverse, and when he is not working, he may be found gaming or toying with the latest devices on the market as he is a great hybrid of a gamer and a techie. He made significant contributions while at IBS’s NEEV, the Entrepreneurship Cell, and has been part of several non-governmental organisations in the past as well.

Despite being a serial entrepreneur working with sales and marketing, Rahul is also a social crusader who assists those in need. 

His services have also been recognised by the government of Madhya Pradesh and honoured him for assisting thousands of people with food, financial assistance, and other necessities during the pandemic.

What He Has To Say For The Young Entrepreneurs

The message that Rahul wants to give the country’s creative minds is, 

“You don’t have to panic whenever you find yourselves midst in a problem. It can be related to the initial stages where you require funds, but no one comes forward with any assistance or facing any temporary blockade during the ongoing operations. Just keep yourself running, and everything will get sorted out with time and experience.”