Salesforce a game-changer for your customer retention in Ecommerce?
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Salesforce a game-changer for your customer retention in Ecommerce?

The Salesforce Customer 360 system, which integrates customer data across marketing, sales, customer care, and other departments, is a customer relationship management (CRM) system that was introduced in 2011.

The Client 360 solution is a cost-effective approach for your small business to link you to all customer touchpoints so that your firm may have a single view of every customer and provide them with a superior level of service.

Here are three reasons how CRM helps in retaining existing customer for your small business.

A single perspective results in a more positive consumer experience

Is it ever frustrating to get a phone call from a client only to discover that they have previously spoken with someone else in your organization? Despite the fact that it may be difficult for you to do the necessary detective work and determine who your client is and where they’re coming from, it is likely far more aggravating for the consumer to be required to provide all of their information to your company again and over again.

In fact, according to studies, approximately 80 percent of consumers demand consistency when working with representatives from several departments. Depending on the size of your small business, you may have staff that is focused on sales, service, marketing, or commerce, and your customers may have a different experience every time they interact with your company, depending on who they speak with.

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Salesforce Consumer 360 simplifies the process of meeting this customer expectation while also aligning your business. The benefit of having a single system and a single view of the client is that your entire team, sales, service, and marketing — can automatically record and gather information about the customer that is accessible to the rest of the company. Your consumer will get the impression that the whole organization knows them and is involved in their success on the receiving end.

Provide customers with tailored experiences

You may find it challenging to gain context on your clients and provide tailored experiences if you are relying on spreadsheets or sticky notes to operate your company – particularly when their information is susceptible to being lost, destroyed, or even hacked.

As a small company, providing a customized customer experience is critical to establishing long-term, trusting connections with your customers and prospects. Personalization may also be a differentiator in situations when there is a great deal of competition.

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Using Customer 360, you and your employees may gather information on who your customers are, what their requirements are, and why they choose to do business with your company. Customers will benefit from your improved service whether it’s through fixing their issues more quickly, giving them tailored communications, or selling to them based on their wants — and you’ll outperform your larger rivals, who may not be promoting, selling, or servicing with a personal touch.

Make it simple for your company to expand and scale up operations

Companies that expand, meet, and surpass the expectations of their customers. Small companies are, unfortunately, facing precisely this difficulty – according to our study, 58 percent of SMB executives believe that achieving customer experience standards will be a hurdle for growth over the next two years.

As a one-to-two-person team, you can get started on Customer 360 solutions, and then quickly expand your solutions on the same platform as your team grows in size.

Are you eager to get started? For teams of one to two people, Salesforce is a great place to start – it’s a CRM created specifically for small businesses with teams of one to twenty employees. It combines sales and customer care functionality into a single customer retention strategies for small businesses.  Consider the range of solutions for more established small enterprises with established procedures or unique workflows, which may be tailored to meet your individual business requirements.

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