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Important Tips To Increase Your Ecommerce Sales in India

Expanding ecommerce sales in India is the fundamental goal of countless businesses, big and small alike. Whether you run a confectionery business or work for a big ecommerce brand like Amazon, increasing your sales through these online channels is a skillful task. It seems very easy, a lot easier than it actually is.

The competition is very high in the market; recent studies claim that big ecommerce brand sales are expected to reach over 7000 billion dollars by 2025.

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Hence, all you need right now is to use some innovative action plan to improve your order rate.

Increasing the profits of your ecommerce store is all about attracting more customers to your website and converting them into your buyers.

In this post, we will be discussing a few tips to increase your e-commerce sales in India, 2022 and ahead:

  • Increase The Use Of Chatbots

By using a chatbot, you can smoothen your sales process. A chatbot acts like a customer support gateway that will help in improving customers’ engagement and experience with your online store.

A chatbot welcomes visitors to your website, keeps them engaged, and improves the chances of converting them into your permanent buyer. Chatbot collapses with your sales funnel, thus, increasing user experience on your vast platform and keeping customers in your store for longer.

  • Increase Your Website Speed

Your website is the bedrock of increasing your ecommerce sales in India. In addition, it ensures your website visitor has the best experience while browsing the site so as to convert them.

When your site is down or slow, you will likely feel a decrease in your sales, or will miss all those potential customers coming on your website. Preferably, your site should take less than 5 seconds to load, as the recent research claimed that 53% of the online customers do not wait too long on a webpage that takes minutes to load.

For this, you must optimise your website speed and performance to ensure that your site visitors have the best experience. This will make it easy for your customers to browse different pages and choose the products and services they are looking for.

  • Always Use Customer Reviews

The current scenario tells us that most people prefer to shop online. While doing this, they mostly search for the customers’ reviews on products and sellers before actually buying themselves. The most significant way to make your customers trust your brands and services is by cheering your customers to leave reviews on your products and services when they shop. 

Your ecommerce site should have a comment section below every product and service so that customers can review your brand. Publishing case studies and customer testimonials on your website can help you establish your brand’s social proof.

  • Improve Your Payment Options

Every online shopper does not prefer credit card payments, and customers usually like to shop in a store where they will find multiple payment options. So, if you don’t want to lower your sales, you can offer your customers different payment options other than only accepting credit card payments.

You may add other third-party payment gateways such as Stax and PayPal to your online store to increase your ecommerce sales in India. Also, it would be best if you provided manual payment options like checks such that it will be convenient for those customers who do not rely on using online payment platforms. 

  • Provide Mobile Optimization Feature

Mobile search has already diminished desktop search at some level. So, it will be better to optimise your site for mobile users such that it will make it easy for mobile visitors to buy whatever you’re selling. This may not be a technical perspective but may involve an extensive checkout process or the design of an entirely separate mobile site for the highly optimised mobile experience.

A brilliant example of ecommerce is provided by Amazon’s mobile site. It would be best to have navigation and user experience for a well-designed, highly optimised mobile experience. Your web pages should load within seconds, and navigation should be logical.

Do not ask for too much personal information from the customer; only the minimum information you need to make the ecommerce sales in India. You can add the cart option to your webpage, which allows the customers to come back even on another device.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are numerous ways to increase your ecommerce sales in India. The most crucial thing is to make your brand famous for its customer service and nail your value in their eyes.

It would be best to focus on improving the website experience, releasing more payment options on your site, and creating social proof so that customers can rely on your quality services. Lastly, you can make your ecommerce store successful by changing your marketing strategy according to the customers’ needs and market analysis.

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