Top 10 Social Media Marketing Companies In India
Top 10 Social Media Marketing Companies In India

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Companies In India

As social media has ingratiated itself into Indian society, firms and marketers have already stepped up their game when it comes to implementing social media campaigns.

They see it as a platform where prospective buyers may spend time learning about the product and thinking about purchasing it. Many small-scale and eCommerce firms choose tailored social media marketing tactics by contacting agencies since they know their potential.

Social media marketing agencies in India are becoming more reliable in terms of selecting the appropriate platform, producing pertinent content, connecting with the right audience, maintaining positive connections, or tracking results. But who can they actually be?

Let’s take a look at a few of them!

10 Best Social Media Marketing Agencies In India Index

  1. Nettechnocrats

Through social media marketing and management, Nettechnocrats assists brands in developing a solid online identity. This technique generates and designs content that is easily relatable to the market segment of your brand.

Nettechnocrats, an Indian full-service social media agency, collaborates with businesses in real estate, travel, healthcare, education, and other industries. Based on the needs of its clients, the agency offers varied price structures.

Best For – Research & Analysis, Influencer Outreach, Social media content management, Social media training, Community management, etc.

Clients – Coca-Cola, Lexus, Pre Apps, Slim Browser, Zangi, BharatPe.

Located – Noida, Uttar Pradesh

  1. Seo2Topp

Seo2Topp, a New Delhi-based company, has successfully executed various social media campaigns over the past 5 years. The agency blends innovation and creativity to create strategies that target the correct audience and motivate people to act.

Seo2Topp has been phenomenal in getting campaign management results, from awareness to conversion. They run social media advertising campaigns by primarily focusing on their impact on the audience. And more importantly, they measure campaign success using metrics, analytical data, and insights.

Best For:- Channel-specific social media services, Strategy planning, Account/profile creation and branding, boosted post ad management, etc.

Clients – WOW, MS Glamour, Medicover Fertility, Swayam India, Pepperfry, Swiggy, Kotak Mahindra.

Located – New Delhi, India

  1. Web Ratna

Various top brands in India have benefited from Webratna’s assistance in gaining market recognition. They choose the best platform for your company and develop a following for you using social media strategies.

They use their creator database to find influencers to improve a brand’s social media content. They are well capable of increasing the visibility of your brand by reaching a more devoted and interested specialized audience.

Web Ratna serves businesses in the banking and financial sector and brands in the healthcare, education, real estate, eCommerce, and direct-to-consumer sectors.

Best For- Profile creation and branding, Developing a social media content strategy, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram Marketing, etc.

Clients – Sneakerswala, WayPharma,,, konaozone and many more.

Located – Vadodara, Gujarat

  1. Pqube Business Solutions

Pqube business solutions are skilled in positioning your brand among the appropriate target demographic because it has worked with businesses in education, real estate, tourism, fashion, hotels, entertainment, and other sectors. The agency handles all platform management for your accounts and engages the audience on your behalf. It generates customized content that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Additionally, the agency manages social media advertising on numerous platforms, including Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and Twitter.

Best For- Research and analysis, Education and consulting, Campaign and community management, SMM, Social media content management, etc.

Clients – Novo Nordisk, Burnishine, Beacon funding, Brets, Freeganita, Meenakshi power solutions, and more.

Located – Bengaluru, Karnataka

  1. Saffron Tech

A full-service social media agency based in New Delhi, Saffron Tech runs end-to-end campaigns to establish your company as a reliable brand in a particular sector. The agency optimizes accounts, produces content, and oversees communities to maintain ongoing communication.

To increase the reach of the initiatives, they offer advertising and influencer management. It provides a thorough report of the campaigns to understand their performance and is centered on a quality-based approach. They also thoroughly examine the audience reach of the social media networks you wish to use for marketing.

Best For:- Content creation, Content publishing, Reviewing Analytics, Developing social media campaign strategies, etc.

Clients – Meto systems, Slone partners, Blue Sky Network, Buyers Agency Australia, RhinoPlasty, and more.

Located – New Delhi, India

  1. Full stop

Understanding the client persona, including their needs, demands, and interests, is essential, and this is precisely what Fullestop can achieve for you!

They can take your company to a new level while using futuristic strategies. Additionally, they help you save a tonne of money by making your campaigns precise, cost-effective, and focused. The company sets the objective for a 360-degree array of services and helps with a reputable clientele of well-known brands.

Best For- SMM, Web design and development, PPC Management, Influencer marketing, Research & Analysis, etc.

Located – Jaipur, Rajasthan

  1. Webguruz Technologies

Webguruz Technologies, a well-known social media marketing agency, offers SMM and brand promotion for your businesses following consumer trends.

They activate your brand to demonstrate your value to the customers while keeping you in step with their requests. Furthermore, they develop appropriate strategies to improve the presentation of your brand. 

Best For- Data-driven SMM strategy, In-depth data analysis, Advanced marketing methods, Social media account audit, social media setup and network optimization, etc.

Located – Mohali, Punjab

  1. Cheenti Digital LLC

As the top social media marketing company in New Delhi, India, Cheenti allows your organization to compete with and outperform other businesses. They bowl in the appropriate tools, technology, and platform to enhance and elevate your brand on the social stage.

Using specialized SMM teams, they convey your brand’s concepts and themes accurately.

Best For- Social Media Audit, Cover and profile photo designing, Monthly consultations, Authentic content creation and promotion, etc.

Clients – Smart Blanks, Symbiosis, Fincar, Homescape, Revize, Xtreme communications, ShutIQ, PAPA Brands, and more.

Located – New Delhi, India

  1. Tap Clone

One of the more reasonably priced digital marketing agencies in Ernakulam, Kerala, is Tapclone. Their knowledgeable team assists clients in achieving visibility in Google search and social media and maintaining SEO ranking. They possess technical expertise, experience, creativity, and passion.

They use cutting-edge technology to expand your brand’s visibility across numerous channels and to grow your business. Additionally, they offer the greatest customer service available.

Best For– SEO, SMM, Original Content Creation, Strategies For Social Media Campaigns, Social Media Training, etc.

Clients – Prime Meridian, my G, Beta, BMW, Facets, Melania, Chirakekaren, HRS, and many more.

Located – Emakulam, Kerala

  1. W3Era Technologies

W3Era Technologies is a group of social media professionals and enthusiasts who can create real-time social marketing campaigns. They provide top-notch solutions like Social Media Marketing, Custom Social Media Measurement, Pay Per Click (Paid Advertising), Mobile Marketing, Influencer Marketing, and more. And, thus they have been a part of the top social media marketing companies list in India and the world many times.

Best For- Social Media Audit, Competition Analysis, Instagram Account Audience Engagement Management, LinkedIn Company Page Management, etc.

Clients – Bajaj, Ambuja Cement, Godgrej, Fortis, Exide, Career point, Pirama, TVS, Asgard, Voltas, etc.

Located – Jaipur, Rajasthan


With this blog, we have made our readers clear about the options available for their social media marketing campaigns. The above knowledge will be helpful when you go for choosing the next one, or if you still feel confused, please visit Ecommerce Guru.