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Top Ecommerce Solutions To Look For In 2022

Top Ecommerce Solutions To Look For In 2022

Ever heard of ecommerce solutions? Executing a business online not only needs an ecommerce website or a social media account. But also needs an online shopping solution to help your customers buy your products or services. 

This might include the things like enhancing product pages to efficiently view your offers, adding payment processing tools to help them fulfilling purchases with their debit or credit cards, and providing shipping tools to send them the products in physical mode. Read this blog further to help your ecommerce business as well as your customers.

A Prologue To Ecommerce Solutions

As you know, most small ecommerce business do not want to hire a professional to help them create a custom shopping cart or online store. This is because adding together solutions from multiple sources can be messier and more expensive for them. 

In this case, ecommerce solutions can be your saviour! If you wish to establish and expand your online business with a set of tools, ecommerce software can help you in this. It will also be helpful for you in taking care of some necessary functions.

Therefore, we will discuss the top five ecommerce platforms for your business and some tips to choose the right one from the list as per your needs. 

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What Do You Mean By Ecommerce Solutions?

Ecommerce solutions can be referred to as help in generating sales online, accepting different payment methods, and fulfilling customer orders in your small business. They are designed in such a way that makes it easy for you to set up and install, even if you have limited technical skills. Most of them are hosted in the cloud storage that comes with a monthly fee charge, fees for payment processing and so on.

Best Ecommerce Solution For A Small Business

The best ecommerce platform for any small business is one that allows it to quickly sell products and services online to its targeted customers at reasonable costs. Suppose your business is selling a few digital products in a country. In that case, your needs will be very different from a company that sells hundreds or thousands of other products in various countries. 

So, on the basis of this, we need to identify the right ecommerce platform and then think of expanding the business. The question that might come to your mind is, where do you want to take your ecommerce business? If it comes so, you will have to have a qualified product to sell and then only you can select a platform that will grow your business.

You might not know, but there are several platforms that offer low-cost paid plans to start as a newcomer and also allow you to add more ecommerce tools as per the change in business needs.

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Top Five Ecommerce Platforms You Should Consider In 2022

  • Shopify:

Shopify is the most famous platform offering an ecommerce plan for millions of small business owners worldwide. It is comparatively easy to set up and has a lot of customization options. It is a prevalent solution for many businesses as it offers a robust set of features that may be challenging to implement for those with little ecommerce experience. Also, it may require you to use and pay for additional apps to get the necessary benefits.

  • WooCommerce:

When your website is built on WordPress, WooCommerce can be the game-changer in turning your website into an ecommerce store. The main thing is it is free, but if compared with others, it is elementary, and you may need to spend on other things. It is also open-source software, making it easy for others to build on it. There you will find other plugins to help you with additional functionalities.

Three More To Go…

  • BigCommerce:

BigCommerce provides a hosted solution to help you build a mobile responsive online storefront. We can also say that you will not have to build your own website if you want to use BigCommerce. You will get offers on multiple templates, plus you can also use their page builder to create customized pages with a drag-and-drop interface.

  • Big Cartel:

This platform is specially designed for creatives like artists and makers to offer affordable plans to help new entrepreneurs get a great ROI. It also does not take any charges if you wish to link it to outside payment gateways, like PayPal and Stripe. This is a convenient and non-expensive solution for independent creative entrepreneurial minds. You will find that functionality and tools are more limited here, but it is an excellent option for those with more precise needs.

  • Squarespace:

If you want to create an attractive-looking website without having any website design skills, then this platform is the best for you. You can also set up an online store with all basic features. It is a website builder having an integrated solution for a small business to build a website with ecommerce features. You can build an appealing website with an ecommerce store in the easiest ways. But businesses having more complex ecommerce needs will need to choose better options than this.


Now you know a list of different ecommerce solutions with the right tips to choose one for your business. But if you are still confused about which one to go for, we would suggest you hire an expert to help you out!

At Ecommerce Guru, we have a team of experts to help you identify the right ecommerce platforms for your business. You will be able to build an attractive website as well as get more customers and leads in easy ways.

You can contact us or visit our website to learn about our services and choose the right for you!