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Top Social Commerce Platform In 2022

Top Social Commerce Platform In 2022

Are you a social media user? Do you like shopping for things seen on these social platforms?

Social commerce is one of the significant forces that every generation is facing. But the increase in its popularity has been seen in the past few years. Social commerce is all about selling your products or services using social media directly to the customers. 

Let’s see a lot more about it further!

Social Media Or Social Commerce

Wikipedia says, “social commerce is a subset of ecommerce”. It is helpful in providing assistance to the users’ while buying and selling products over a social media platform. 

Let’s take you to the deep knowledge!

  • Social media platforms help you to acknowledge, discover, research, and compare products with customers’ feedback. It offers the feature of speeding up the customers’ buying process. Using social commerce, you can interact with your customers in many ways, whether it can be Q&A or a LIVE session. It allows brands to build product awareness among them, ultimately depicting their values. 
  • You can’t gain success over a night! If you look at history, you will find social commerce has gained popularity after Covid-19 ‘a pandemic’. Because with its introduction, business owners gained more developed ways to market their products at a high scale. 

Some Benefits Of Social Commerce You Need To Know!

  • Increase In Number Of Audience

Social media platforms account for millions of active users and the number is increasing day by day. That is why, when you introduce your brand to one of these platforms; you do not need to worry about the target audience! 

You only have to worry about what you will serve them. And also, what strategies do you need to opt for providing quality content with relevant keywords and hashtags? It makes your customer targeting a much easier phase, but you need to focus on providing shoppable content to them with ideal updates.

Note: Use specific keywords that match the type of content you want to create. This will eventually increase your audience number if they find your brand likable. 

  • Increase Brand’s Trust Among Them

You can’t achieve success over a night. You need to work hard and give loyalty to your customers if you wish to achieve a successful business and build brand trust. Customer loyalty is the key to accounting for multiple purchases from your brand. 

Building brand trust is not easy only with high-quality content. They trust your brand when they experience it themselves. So, you should start taking care to provide a great experience to your customers. 

Note: Search and create user-generated content to build brand trust among your target audience and make them satisfied with your products. 

  •  Increase In Engagement 

There are three parameters you need to get for more engagement on your account. This includes likes, comments, and shares. If you provide these features on your page, you will probably get ideal engagements from your customers. These opportunities make them more social with their favorite brands. That is why by choosing this feature you can easily increase engagement and bring authentic traffic.

Social media is a platform that helps users gain a shopping experience along with socializing with others. After seeing your posts, they buy your products and then share their experience with others as well on social media. 

Note: Social media also comprises a feature called ‘DM’ or ‘Direct Message’. Through this customers can ask their queries related to your brand or the products.

High-Rated Social Commerce Platforms In 2022

  • Facebook

Facebook is one of the oldest and most widely used social platforms in the world. As you know, you can link your Facebook account with Instagram. This helps you to enjoy Instagram’s in-app checkout feature to fulfill the whole buying process within your Facebook app. Merchants can also create customized stores using Facebook Shops. 

Through this, a customer can easily shop on Facebook and Instagram. Also, Facebook Shops comes up with dedicated places on the platform where customers can browse and make purchases. It also provides a communication button for consumers to message the sellers via Instagram, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp. Brands can also do a live stream to allow customers directly purchase from a live stream. 

  • Instagram

Instagram is one of the most loved social media apps among Gen Z! Nowadays, you might have observed that it has a feature called Shoppable Posts, which makes it the coolest of all. Instagram acts as a social commerce platform with many advantages. If you want to build your brand name among youngsters, this works as an ideal social platform. You can display your products, especially using attractive images. Through this, you can visualize your story in the users’ eyes. 

Initially, this platform was not considered for full social commerce. You can gain high sales when a user clicks on one of your Shoppable Posts and then follows the link to the original page of your online store. Moreover, Instagram now includes an in-app checkout feature since its upgrading which helps customers stay on Instagram during their purchases.

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  • Snapchat

No doubt, Snapchat has gained popularity because of its eye-catching and interesting filters that people love to use in their photos. You can say that it hasn’t gained much attention as a social commerce platform. But in recent years, Snapchat encouraged augmented reality (AR) that proposed social commerce possibilities to the merchants. 

These AR lenses helped users to take selfies and digitally try how specific makeup and sunglasses will look on their faces. Snapchat accounts for more than a hundred million users. Anyone can try a number of products within Snapchat by using its AR lenses.

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Social media gives a boom to your business growth. Brands can make use of it to stay one step forward from their competitors.

If you want consultation regarding using these platforms for your business, you can contact ECOMMERCE GURU to know tips and tricks of social commerce. You will get to know about the benefits social commerce brings to your brand.