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Top10 Tips to Become #1 seller on online marketplace.

If you have joined and are currently spending most of your day on Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, as a seller, you would have seen many times significant growth in your overall sales. But in online business, sky the limit. If you are wondering how to boost your sales on Amazon, Flipkart, eBay here are our top 10 tips to become a successful seller and hope you like it,

  1. Product Listing Ads:

To achieve more product sales you need to higher traffic towards your products. The more clicks your products get, the higher the probability of them getting visible and sold. The easiest way to get more clicks for your products on Amazon , Flipkart, Ebay, is through Product Listing Ads. Here is how it works-


Choose a product and create an advertise campaign for your product

Marketplace shows these products as “Featured Products “on relevant pages of its website

Buyer sees your ad while browsing through products that he wants to buy and click checkout your product, this tip increases the visibility of your products and helps you to reach more buyers and larger customer base. It brings your products under the spotlight, provides more visibility and boosts your product and getting sales day by day.

  1. Participate in spike sales:

You will get boundless opportunities to grow your business with exciting shopping events by marketplaces, also known as, sales. During sales we provide exciting offers on almost all the categories. This attracts maximum number of buyers and drives huge traffic to marketplaces as well as through the mobile app. seller’s don’t just get to increase your sales with minimal effort but also reach more buyers at one go. Participating in sales like Diwali sale Holi sale, and many sales also helps you achieve higher buyer satisfaction and become a seller that buyers will prefer. From logistics personnel to TV commercials and promotions on online platforms we make sure that during a sale you get a large number of buyers.

  1. Good packaging:

The Premium look of your product, when it is delivered to the customer, has a major impact on buyer experience. Packing products with good packaging material and box minimize the chances of in transit damage. But more than that, it reflects quality service and increases buyers’ trust in you and your product, which in turn, can increase your sales. We have observed that 52-53% of buyers make repeat purchases from sellers who deliver premium packaging of product, and 5-10% of buyers expect their online orders to arrive in premium packaging. Investing in packaging can result in a gain of 30% more buyers.

  1. Better cataloging:

Your catalog style represents your product on the e-commerce website and plays a prime role in attracting to buyers. Having a well design catalog with a crispy description of your products is crucial to convert the traffic on your products vision into sales. Remember this most people shop online to save the time and your product description should impress them without making them spend much time trying to understand your product. Another important term of cataloging that can help you increase your traffic and sales is adding your product in the right category and sub category. This will help buyers to search for your products easily and contribute to the traffic.

  1. Stick to the rules:

Marketplace selling policies and business practices are designed to increase buyers’ trust in any marketplace like amazon, flipkart, eBay sellers like you and help you get better ratings and reviews. Buyers shop more from sellers when good ratings and reviews. Observing all our selling policies and not indulging in unethical business practices like selling fake products and shipping empty boxes with other thing to the buyer otherwise online account suspended.

  1. Stock up your inventory:

Inventory is an important term of any retail business and e-commerce is no different. You should always have a sufficient Product stock of items and different variants of your products to fulfill orders faster and do more business. Stock up also keeps you ready for a shopping festival at any last moment.

  1. Deliver on time:

If you want to hike your sales, you must always meet the buyers’ expectation whether it is the packaging of product or quality of the product or time taken to deliver it. Always Keep products ready for delivery and mark them RTD (Ready to Dispatch) on time to help our logistics partners deliver your products in the quickest time as possible. Fulfill a return or exchange request on time is just important term too to get good customer ratings and reviews on your delivered product.

  1. Images:

On a digital platform, images are the ist impression buyer can get to the look and feel of the real product, making it a critical element to online selling. The images of your product to click by Dslr in high resolution and with every detail visible. Sells more, so make sure product clicked images are photographed well to generate buyer interest.

  1. Become a Flipkart Advantage seller:

Marketplaces Advantage service has many advantages. Through this service you can avail of our best in class fulfillment centers. All you need to do is store your products with us and we will take care of the rest from packaging your products to handling return requests. Flipkart provide Advantage offers you in addition to storage space, quality check of your products by experts, faster delivery and much more. This will mean get maximum sales, minimum returns and better buyer experience with eCommerce guru tips.

  1. Keep customer delight a priority:

To increase your sales and become a successful seller on online marketplaces, you should always work towards spreading cheer up to your customers. Commitment to serve your customers to the best services of your ability is key to meet their high expectations. As a seller, you sometimes need to get into the shoes of your customers to understand their concerns and resolve it very speedily. Acknowledging feedback and working towards providing them better service will give them more reasons to smile on buyers face.


When trying to increase sales on Amazon, flipkart, you should not only be focused on the quality of products and services, but also make small investments in boosting traffic campaign to your products. Participation in sales and running ad campaigns are essential investments for benefits in the long run business.