Word of Mouth Marketing: Strategy for Social Media Buzz...

Word of Mouth Marketing: Strategy for Social Media Buzz to Boost Referral Sales

Word of mouth marketing can turn stiff contenders in favor of the brand, cutting like steel doors with butter easily. Sounds tempting, it is very difficult to get and put things correctly at first. As money cannot buy buzz, one has to do with the effectiveness of the services, only then effective marketing gets started. To start with a perfect word of mouth marketing and keep social media buzzing around with your products, the marketer needs to develop a cutting strategy which should include the following parameters to increase its genuine index.

The seven parameters to effectively build a strategy are:-

1. Deliver what’s promised

Every brand has marketing heads and splendid marketing strategies for a quick spread in the market, but all this can fail if the deal the customers need to be provided fails extensively. While making a product or service, it is recommended to think about the customers who will be putting their hard earned money in favour of your product. Let the reputation of the service do its work, with several rounds of operation, to make the product even more appealing and satisfaction-friendly. If possible, try to do things earlier than promised, try to over-deliver, delighting your buyers.

2. Stand up your brand

In this competitive world, it is better to upkeep your brand values to the foremost. Ultimately, people will judge according to the upkeep of such values, providing a lone mileage to smoothly operation of the brand. It is better to carve out a niche for the brand so like-minded people will feel it easier to connect with the brand. It can really pay a one-off and is the most effective option to become a big fish in this small pond.

3. Engage with buyers regularly

New players need to wait for some time, delivering promised returns before word of mouth picks up in the market. It should not expect that people will start shouting for the brand as soon as the brands enter the competition. It takes time to accommodate and people need to be sure that the brand they are promoting offers genuine services. Be patient and don’t forget to reward the followers who are increasing the brand, give them some incentives. Dropbox provided free space for customers who were effectively signing on new referrals, this sort of gifts makes the people valuable and they will do this task of referring with more enthusiasm.

4. Be habitual to give surprises

It is a common stereotype that people will judge the company similar to others if they have nothing special. It’s not that the service or satisfaction is low, but there are several others who do similar work. So, how to stand out in competition is to give small surprises to people that can make people take notice and start Word Of Mouth Marketing, with keeping the brand values intact.

5. Promotion to customers

Promote the brand extensively to customers, use of Twitter and other social media is recommended. One needs to exchange the feedback and views of customers and need to see if any other can be changed. A one-to-one kind of relationship needs to be developed with buyers where they share their favourable reviews. If something goes awry, it can be quickly resolved by gifting the customer with gifts or sending video apologies spreading positive word of mouth. This creates a personal connection with the brand.

6. Measure relevant to values

Any campaign or strategy needs to be evaluated regularly to visualize where the campaign is going. It might happen that the strategy needs to be changed due to non-performance as what was expected earlier. The metrics needed to be defined as on what basis one can effectively measure itself, a bit different from what the industry promotes. For example, in a call centre, which is receiving several incoming and outgoing calls for customers, it is essential to be tracking the efficiency and performance of the calls. It might be call time rates or first contact resolution rate.

7. Track word of mouth marketing offline

Internet marketing and social media exposure surely attract customers to the brand, but there should be a provision.

These tips are sufficient to make a strategyy for creating social media buzz for good, skyrocketing the referral sales and promotion of the brand.