10 Main Factors That Determine the Success of the Ecommerce

10 Main Factors That Determine the Success of the Ecommerce Business

Everyone is shifting to the e-commerce business in today’s world. E-commerce is simply the process of selling goods and services through the internet. To commence your new business it’s a very nice idea to design a fresh website. Most of the people are still coming in this world but few get to see the light of success.

There are many ways by which you can achieve success in the field of E-commerce business because many of the entrepreneurs have tried many tactics to get their business up and running but not many have succeeded.

So, by this blog we’re going to discuss about 10 main factors of E-Commerce business that consider to any E-Commerce business.

1. Responsive Website: In 2016, an estimated 62.9 percent of the population worldwide already owned a mobile phone. The mobile phone penetration is forecasted to continue to grow, rounding up to 67 percent by 2019. So that’s why, design your e-commerce website to be responsive because it is one that responds or changes according to the devices (Laptop, desktop and smartphones) of the user. Here, text and images change from a three column layout to single column display.  There are some features of responsive websites like content is changing and images are optimized. So, to enhance easy navigation you should use simple mobile version of the website.

2. Search Bar: According to the search, upto 30% of the people use search bar on e-commerce websites to navigate. These users are showing a clear intent to purchase by entering product names they may wish to browse. Therefore, you want to ensure you’re making the most of it and create the best experience for your visitors. Search bar helps the new visitors and customers to find their desired products and services easily on the website. This helps the admin of the website to shape their business plan to meet the needs of the customers thus building a stronger and more competitive company. It also helps the website admin by better functionality of the website like; It increase in sales, Users spent more time on the website and it improves the shopper’s experience and make the store website more user friendly.

3. Payment Gateways: When you design your e-commerce website you have to remember to integrate a secure payment platform so that nobody faces the problem at the time of checkout. You should have to add the different payment plans in your e-commerce.

4. Products’ Quality Images: This is the first thing that buyers interact with your products’ images may also affect the purchase of the products because the quality of images of the products attract the customers more. You should provide multiple images of the products to tell about the features of the products.

5. Chatbot: Chatbot is an automated programmed bot which is widely used for E-commerce business that simulates conversation with human users to complete some sort of service. It can answer effectively an unlimited amount of web users at the same time. It is automated and available at 24/7 and also very cheaper than paying employees to monitor the customer’s enquiries. They can chat anytime without any need of supervision and you can programmed chatbot as per your requirements.

6. Clear Return Policy: At the time of outlining a return policy, first you should ensure that the products on the website are clearly visible or described to the consumers so that there are no chances of return. The purpose to make this policy is that the consumer makes feel confident so that the process of return the products can be reduced. It should aim at seeking the customer’s satisfaction rather than making profits. The policy should be written in easy language so that consumers can understand it, this is advisable to include return cost and clarify the terms of refund, and will it be cash or credit.

7. Product Navigation: It is important to focus on effective product navigation which helps the shoppers to find their required products and services quickly and easily. It also helps to improve the online shopping experience and helps the admin to increase their sales and profits. But if the navigation will not do properly then the person does not find the required product on your website after searching in that case there may be chances that they return from your website which is not good for you. So, design the website with clear navigation and labeling.

8. Checkout Easily: If the checkout process is long and confusing then the customer will end up leaving without making a purchase. So, to prevent all these things, you should make the checkout process simple and short and don’t add the extra cost at the last minute, give clear shipping information and make sure the loading time of the website is short.

9. Product Recommendations: It is one of the amazing features which means similar products will show in a block or sidebar. Most of the consumers will look further to the similar products to buy them. You should present those products in a list and gives them an opportunity to compare with what they want to buy. It enables them to get complete information on the benefits of the products before buying.

10. SEO Friendly Website: It is one of the important features to achieve success in the e-commerce business. You should design your website SEO friendly so that new customers visit your websites and increase sales or traffic.

Conclusion:  If you have a bad SEO your business is basically lost and you’re old and new consumers browsing over your competitor’s website not clicking your website. Your website should have a purpose to provide the best services to the customers. You should effectively designing your website with convenient features to enhance a smooth journey for the customer and always be ahead of competitors in terms of web design and development to get more clients.