5 Amazing Benefits of Live Chat Support for eCommerce Websites

5 Amazing Benefits of Live Chat Support for eCommerce Websites

It’s very difficult to direct people to your websites. Visitors visit your websites so it’s hard to stick your visitors at your websites. Because the success of the business depends on customer satisfaction so that’s why you should spend all your resources to achieve the level of customer satisfaction and earn a reputation.

In this case, Live Chat is the best and beneficial way from both ends; customers and businesses. You can chat directly with your website visitors through live chat.

As compared to phone or email Live Chat Support is more favored. Because there is no man sitting behind the e-mail and over the phone to give answers to their queries. At one side customers will happy by receiving quick answers or on the other side store owners will also happy by gaining more leads, conversion rates, and sales.

It’s a very useful tool for your business. So, in this blog, let’s have a look at the benefits of live chat;

1) Quick Response: If your website has a live chat button on every web page then, if any visitor has any query then it will be cleared very quickly.

2) Reduce Bounce Rate:  Most of the visitors visit your website in a day but many of them leave the website without browsing it further. There can be various issues that may compel them to leave your website. So that’s why there is one tool i.e. live Chat Support which plays a crucial role in reducing the bounce rate of the website. There are various stages where live chat can help you to stop your website visitors and prompt them to engage with your brand further.

Lack of Information: Sometimes when visitors visit your web pages, they find some information is missing. This is one of the reasons why people switch to another URL because they cannot get access to the information they required. In this case, a live chat is one of the best options to help you. You can monitor the visitor’s behavior on the website, understand why they exit from your website and take initiative to help them in finding that they were looking for.

Struggling Visitors: Struggling visitors is a category of those who may not be clear what they want to buy, from where you want to buy. It’s very challenging to manage such kind of customers. You can keep a record of visitor’s details like store their previous chat transcripts and understand their next purchase. Such kind of information helps visitors better and what may be the best solution to put forward when trying to pitch the idea of the product that customers may buy.

Lack of Help Button on Every Web Page: If your website does not have a help/ live chat button on every page then this may also one of the reasons that visitors will move to the other website. Customers can easily lose track of why they even landed on a website page. Live chat is the perfect way of instant interaction to ensure visitors that no matter which page they land, help is always on the way. It reduces the bounce rate of the website.

3) Improve Customer Services: According to the E-Digital Survey in 2013, it is finding that 73% of the people preferred live chat as compared to phone calls and emails. Firstly, Live Chat ensures the interaction on time by creating a ticket or email system which forever lack. Secondly, the customer’s history is recorded at the time of chat for better support in the future. There is no doubt that Live Chat is the support solution for customer-driven business.

4) Increase Conversions and Sales: According to the survey by e-marketer 63% of the visitors were more likely to return to a website that offers live chat. Through live chat, users all queries are cleared by providing rapid solutions. It boosts all-important conversion rates and converts into revenue. Live chat option can not only improve the sales but also able to deliver an amazing live chat experience to your customers.

a) Engage Your Website Visitors with live tools.

b) Engage with visitors for final sales.

c) Turn your visitors to potential customers.

5) Cost-Effective:  Live Chat is a cost-effective way to resolve the queries of most of the customers at a time as compared to implementing a help desk system or call center. To increase efficiency and responsibility live chat agents can be grouped by the department.

You can also keep a record of visitor’s activities and collect priceless customer feedbacks through live chat. It also helps to develop customer trust and loyalty.

Live Chat is the fastest way of online contact with visitors. If you are providing all the benefits of live chat, your customers can reach out to you to ask their questions with relative ease and gain a better live chat experience. There is no doubt that live chat is worth the investment. As we mentioned above that these above-listed advantages of live chat support can beneficial for both your business and customers as well.