15 Influencers Marketing Campaigns To Look At It

15 Influencers Marketing Campaigns To Look At It

These days, you can’t go anywhere without hearing a word from an influencer. They play a vital role in promoting businesses of any type. The more prominent companies are already changing the game by hiring the influencers. Thus, the smaller ones have also started investing in them. 

However, a robust influencer marketing platform is required to get connected with the businesses where the final proceedings can take place. In order to reach a bigger audience, brands are forming relationships with influencers. Even the influencers have started earning well through this process.  

But is influencer marketing strategy really worth the time and effort? 

Here is a compiled list of 15 influencer marketing campaign examples that you must check out to give you a valid answer. 

The Best 15 Influencer Marketing Campaign Examples – how they Utilized the Best Influencer Marketing Platforms

1. Sprint #LiveUnlimited 

Sprint partnered with musicians, entrepreneurs, and actors to attract a large young audience. 

Its most recent influencer marketing campaign example featured people with large social media followings where they used the hashtag #LiveUnlimited. The best part is that these individuals organically represent the #LiveUnlimited look and lifestyle throughout.

Source: Sprint

2. GAP: Styld.by

GAP’s popular Styld.by campaign featured a number of notable social media personalities who demonstrated how they incorporate GAP clothes into their personal wardrobes. 

Users who were viewing the influencers’ social media postings were offered the option to “Shop this Look” in the captions of the photographs.

3. Loeffler Randall: LR Ambassadors

Due to the company’s devotion to include social media influencers in its marketing initiatives, this high-end accessory and footwear manufacturer Loeffler Randall has become the favorite among artists, bloggers, and fashion insiders.

4. Glossier: Regular Women

This Manhattan-based beauty startup owes a lot of its seemingly overnight cult status to its ever-expanding network of super fans and micro-influencers — people with a lot of influence but not a lot of individual reach. 

Rather than paying a few prominent people to advertise their simple skincare and cosmetics, the brand enlists the help of “ordinary women.”

5. Fiji water: Body wore what 

You may be familiar with the water brand Fiji, but you may be more familiar with its marketing partner, weworewhat, on Instagram.

WeWoreWhat recently teamed up with Fiji Water to launch Bodyworewhat, an influencer marketing campaign example to show Fiji’s commitment to hydrating those who want to look and feel like Bernstein. (Fashion blogger) 

6. Samsung: Note 7 Launch

Every day, new smartphones are unveiled. As a result, Samsung released the Note 7 in 2016, ensuring that everyone knew about it. 

The company teamed up with CyreneQ, a professional Snapchat artist and designer with a large following who utilized her account to film her trip to the event and give her followers a sneak peek at the new technology. 

She used Snapchat’s 10-second video format to show off some of the device’s new features to her fans.

7. Stride Gum: Mad Intense Gum

DJ Khaled, who was once a tiny name in the music industry, has had remarkable success on the photo-sharing app, with each of his snaps averaging over 3 million views.

He fully cracked the platform and became the Snapchat king. Furthermore, he is in great demand to run marketing campaigns on influencer marketing hubs for brands and also participates in “Snapchat takeovers,” in which a company passes over control of their corporate Snapchat to Khaled for a time of largely unedited shenanigans.

8. Naked Juice: Sponsored Instagram Posts

With the support of prominent Instagram influencers, this bottled smoothie startup eased its way into the beauty, fashion, and other categories through an exceptional influencer marketing strategy

Kate La Vie, who is an influencer, sponsored posts that included a strategically positioned Naked Juice.

9. Old Navy: Boys and Girls Club of America 

Old Navy is a seasoned influencer marketer that collaborated with fashion and lifestyle bloggers across Instagram to promote its numerous product brands. 

For Black Friday, the brand doubled down on this tactic by teaming up with former New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez to collect funds for the Boys & Girls Club of America (BGCA). 

10. Diageo: My Tales of Whiskey

For this yule log video starring Nick Offerman from Parks and Recreation, Diageo, the parent company of Scottish whisky brands Lagavulin and Oban, won a Shorty Award for Best Influencer Marketing Campaign.

Offerman is seen sitting by a crackling fireplace and occasionally taking a sip of his drink in the 44-minute film. Not to mention, the video went viral.

11. Sperry: Boat shoes on Instagram 

Sperry, a boat shoe business, began working with more than 100 micro-influencers on Instagram before the end of 2016 to create compelling content for its fans. 

It found brand followers on Instagram who were already uploading high-quality images of the company’s products and began inviting them to create visual content for the company’s official Instagram account. This terrific influencer marketing strategy set an excellent example for the rest.

12. Kaikatsu club : NETCafe VR 

Kaikatsu Club, a Japanese cafe chain, recently introduced a virtual reality function in which clients may play various VR video games while enjoying a drink or meal. 

Enakorin, a prominent TV personality, and cosplayer in Japan, were chosen as the perfect person to help spread the word.

Enakorin is also recognized for her passion for video games, making her an ideal representative for Kaikatsu’s new virtual reality entertainment platform. 

13. H & M: Fall studio collection 

H&M collaborated with two influencers for its fall 2017 catalog: fashion blogger Julie Sariana and model Ela Velden. 

Sariana was so taken with the clothes that she marketed them on her own Instagram account, which is one of the best influencer marketing platforms today.

14. Mercedes: brings Loki the wolfdog on board 

Loki, the Wolf Dog, has over 2 million Instagram followers who keep track of what he and his owner, Kelly Lund, are up to. Mercedes capitalized on the two’s popularity by creating a marketing campaign that involved driving a Mercedes GLS around Colorado. The campaign, dubbed #MCPhotoPass, combined VR, photography, and video. 

15. Pepsi targets with emojis | Even they needed influencer marketing! 

Pepsi is a household name, and while you may believe not to require an influencer marketing hub to promote their products. However, they opted for the influencer marketing strategy to boost sales at Walgreens due to some issues.

The company designed a limited-edition package with custom emojis. In addition, they used the hashtag #SayItWithPepsi to promote the campaign and collaborated with young influencers to spread the word.


To conclude this, you must now be aware of the fact that influencer marketing is the latest buzz around, and is not going to fade any time soon. And you must be wondering how to be an influencer of Instagram, then we have the right spot to get all your queries solved. 

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