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How to Crack the Deal with the Best Social Media Influencers
How to Crack the Deal with the Best Social Media Influencers

How to Crack the Deal with the Best Social Media Influencers?

The word “Influencer” is derived from the noun “Influence,” which means – the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself. 

Thus, a social media influencer is any user on a social media platform with a huge following that has the ability to affect others’ purchasing decisions because of their authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with their audience. 

Due to the rise in marketing via social media, these influencers have become a trend as they have earned a huge audience with their expertise and transparency of product and services feedback. As a result, companies across the world have started realizing the impact of influencer marketing strategy on brands in terms of revenue generation, sales, and overall growth. That is the reason influencer marketing campaigns have gained a considerable market share in recent years. 

Here we will discuss various influencer marketing strategies, their effects on influencer marketing campaigns, how to collaborate with influencers on Instagram, the top social media influencers in India, and how to connect with them to promote your brand and skyrocket revenue.  

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Social Media Influencers in India

With the trend, many Indians have also joined the brigade and are topping the charts with their followers’ list. Some of the top social media influencers in India trending now are:

  1. Kanan Gill- 358K Followers
  2. Kusha Kapila: 1.6M Followers
  3. Kenny Sebastian – 975K Followers
  4. Saloni Chopra – 479K Followers
  5. Dolly Singh – 1.1M Followers
  6. Srishti Dixit – 647K Followers
  7. Mithila Palkar – 2.8M Followers

Top 5 Instagram influencers in India

@virat.kohli – 81.7M followers

@akshaykumar – 58.6M followers

@jacquelinef143 – 56.4M followers

@shraddakapoor – 56.2M followers

@aliabhatt – 56.2M Followers. 191

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Look How Influencer Marketing Campaigns Can Turn Things Around for YOU!

1. It’s more profitable-

Social media has given way to a new promotional campaign called Influencer marketing campaign.” Where old school advertisements are paid promotions exclusive to the platform, influencers’ marketing campaigns are self-created and promoted via personal accounts. These are considered more genuine and honest by the prospective buyers. 


  • Not limited to specific platforms
  • More genuine, as it is done from personal accounts
  • More authentic as people already believe the influencers

2. Cost-effective & More Target-Focused-

It reduces the cost of campaigning for the brand and also makes the entire episode more creative. With the personal experience and feedback mechanism of the influencers, the campaign process is more effective. In addition, it reaches a more significant mass as the influencers have a readymade audience to reach out to. Where traditional marketing is done for all demographics, influencer marketing aims to reach a set of highly relevant targeted audiences.


  • Reach to Readymade Audience
  • Guaranteed Reach
  • Highly-targeted Audience

3. Get rid of creating content!

Yes, the influencers will do this for you! In an influencer marketing campaign, typically, the brand gives a free sample of their product or services to the influencer. In return, the influencers create their content and videos focusing on their experience with the product on their social media platforms. Of course, there will be other business terms as well between the brand and the influencers. 


  • Get rid of creating content regularly
  • Highly valuable content 

How to Find the Right Kind of Influencers?

Select the right people and targeted audience by selecting the right influencer. Social listening can help identify where people are talking about your industry and brand and help you identify and find the most influential voices/persons in each platform. Also, the usage of online tools like BuzzSumo and Topsy can be helpful to know who are the people sharing your content and how influential they are. 

How to Proceed Further with Influencer Marketing Strategy?

  • Aim to Influence the Influencers

Influencers marketing is all about reaching the right audience rather than reaching out to a large audience. Therefore, it’s more important your content gets the right people than most people. Create original and specifically designed content to attract the attention of the influencers.

  • Be Genuine, Accessible, and Responsive 

Don’t be afraid to show a little humanity in your online presence. Be easily accessible (of course, if your convenience permits) and more responsive so that it creates a better social image. Social media is an immensely powerful tool in influencer marketing, and it is only growing.

  • Be Patient 

Patience and perseverance are never wasted. To become an influencer through your influencer marketing strategy, you have to be willing to put in the hours ( even years) it takes to establish a name for yourself. This won’t be easy, and you will be tempted to give up, but you must persevere if you’re going to succeed.

How to collaborate with influencers on Instagram? 

  1. Send your products for review

Brand awareness is a priority. Working with influencers helps enter an already established community of loyal followers and spread word about products fast. Let the influencer share your product with his followers for a review, and it will let your target customers know about your brand. 

  1. Ask the Influencer to be your brand ambassador

Overly polished posts are outdated. Having influencers as ambassadors affect customer buying behavior in an authentic way.

  1. Share coupons and discounts

Everyone loves saving some money while they spend. Therefore, brands can attract more customers to buy their products by introducing coupons and discounts in their marketing campaigns.

  1. Become a giveaway sponsor

People love free stuff. Thus, being a giveaway sponsor is a great way to establish a connection with an opinion leader and get business results.


Growing your business with the help of associating with social media influencers in India is easy, cost-effective, and future-proof. That is the reason most companies have inclined their marketing strategies towards this approach. The best part about this approach is that this type of marketing campaign will not only give immediate revenues but will also promote brands and provide a solid community base.  

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