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6 Ways to Improve your Ecommerce Website Design

Every ecommerce website needs certain parameters to hit the global rank or increase user traffic, i.e., providing good customer services, simple website design, boosting marketing strategies, etc.

A good website design is an all-time desired component to make you rock over the internet. 

Many business owners start their work online and often neglect the website’s design. Customers pay attention to the layout of a website. 

The bad design reduces approximately 38% of traffic to your ecommerce store. 

Remember that your customer is having a journey of buying a product at your online store. They should have a real-time experience even while shopping online. 

Now the question is:

What should be an ideal design for an ecommerce website? Let’s Read

6 Ways By Which You Can Improve Your Existing Ecommerce Platform Design:-

Easily Navigable 

From entering your website to logout, it is all a process. During the journey, users should easily surf and have a less cognitive load. The CTA (Call to action) is very vital in the website. Your priority is to provide your customer with what they are coming for; otherwise, they’ll leave your ecommerce platform

If your buyer persona is of any age, it should be usable for a person who is 25 and who lies in the age of 60. People form an opinion about your website in 0.05 seconds, ultimately deciding whether they like it.

Ensure you give your user every reason to visit your ecommerce site time after time.

Never Ignore Customer Feedback

Some ecommerce businesses take no notice of providing customer forums; if you’re one of them, add user feedback forums today.

Your customer adds a review in the customer feedback form and believes that the website holders are working on it, whether the feedback is from a satisfied or an unsatisfied user; both matter equally. 

You can only improve and grow if your user is happy with your services. Empathize more with your user, and consider their needs and wants as an opportunity. 57% of customers are only interested in a business with more than three stars.

Always Have A Mobile Version Of The E-Commerce Site

Your user is a busy man, so they’ve less time to surf via laptops or computers. People prefer doing things from their smartphones. But that doesn’t mean you’ll make the user experience different as the device changes. Optimize the range of devices and make your customer experience consistent with changes.

Not only this, according to a study, 54.8% of the mobiles generate ecommerce website traffic, and in the future, it could fluctuate more. As a result, you must focus on mobile-friendly UX and design. Once developing, designing, and optimizing the checkout page, you should focus on the consistency of the design.

The Website Should Be Responsive.

Simplicity in web design has gone mainstream among designers since it improves the user experience. Ecommerce business owners should ask web designers to achieve a minimalistic responsive website. 

Let’s see how SALT made it’s site responsive, 

SALT is a collaborative project between two surfers, Tyler Wolff and Nabil Samadani, who seek to bring well-crafted surfboards to the booming New York City scene. The e-commerce site is impressive, with comprehensive photography on the landing page. Dive deeper to explore an inspiring aesthetic of insightful typography, a purposeful grid, and seductive product shots.

Full-canvas photography comes at a price: the homepage is 1.3MB in size. 

Responsive image strategies can be complicated to use, but they would also pay off. The minimal aesthetic of the page content, on the other hand, reduces this perhaps less.

Cut Down The Checkout Process. 

Once your user has decided to click on “Buy Now,” make sure it should not click on the ‘back button’ due to any unexpected error or long process of purchases. 

After your customer is ready to purchase, the main thing that comes is the Check out process, i.e., making payment and getting the delivery. Don’t mess with the procedures by adding unnecessary steps; let your customer take the lowest time to checkout. 

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The steps should be minimalist and visible. Even if they ordered, your buyer should have track of their order. 

Steps for a good Check out process on a digital commerce 

Also, after an ordering, the user should be able to track where its order has reached for the good user experience your ecommerce platform provides…

Must have “Help & support.”

At last, suppose your user is having an issue or facing a problem, then the first thing he wants is to resolve the error. And for that, your website should provide full health and support to the customer. 

The customer should never feel helpless and leave the Site, which could change your customer into a visitor again. A bad impression reduces authenticity. The website must have an option where the user can see the Contact information, FAQs, and helpful tutorials. 

Finally, In The End

Effective e-commerce website design increases conversions and helps your business succeed online. Though you don’t have the most creative website, taking care of certain parameters can help you achieve your goal by optimizing and creating a better user experience. 

Ecommerce site design has an important role because it has an impact on the user experience, and the user experience has an impact on the conversion rate.

That’s why you should not neglect the design of your ecommerce site.