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Top Ecommerce Events To Track In Google Analytics

If you wish to track the detailed performance of the existing traffic in your ecommerce store or to track specific actions of customers, reporting in Google Analytics is your need to go beyond basic user performance statistics.

Google Analytics can help you achieve a highly targeted and effective granular measurement through event tracking. You can add event tracking as an additional layer to your basic website tracking to provide a deep and insightful view of visitors’ behavior.

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This blog will cover and describe the top key events that ecommerce stores should track in Google Analytics to know the measure and relive customer journeys and ultimately boost more revenue due to the granular data they provide.

Add-to-Cart Events

You can track what products are added to the shopping cart, which provides the ability to analyze how many times products are added. It also helps you know why some products have higher conversion-to-purchase rates than others.

All you need to do is put the name of the product added to the cart by customers into the event label field. When matching products in the cart versus purchased products are of the same type, then make sure to use Unique Purchases of that product from the Ecommerce report.

View Product

This event is very similar to Add to Cart as it gives you insight into what products are most viewed. With Google Analytics, you can answer the questions like what percentage is being added to the cart when products are viewed? What percentage is given (in comparison to unique product purchases)?

Proceed to Checkout

This event helps collect checkout traffic data because it will help analyze the users’ percentage that transitioned from checkout to purchase.

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Continue Shopping

You can assign an event whenever your shoppers click the “Continue Shopping” button after adding a product to the cart. It is similar to the “Proceed to Checkout” event. It measures and helps ecommerce stores to provide insights into the percentage of users that continue shopping by comparing single item purchases versus actual conversions.

Home Page Promotions

Many ecommerce sites claim that the home page is the most popular landing page, so it deserves more analysis and data collection. Home pages have at least one feature area, but many have primary and secondary promotional areas to promote individual products and special offers.

By tracking the clicks on your promos of specific products, you can create a segment in Google Analytics for tracking conversion analysis.

Payment Method Options

Providing the payment type options as an event helps to understand the following.

  • What are the most used payment methods?
  • Do users with a specific payment type have high cart abandonment rates or no conversion?

Social Media Shares

You can track the movements whenever shoppers share a product, promotion, or content on their social networks as an event. Use this data to analyze all of the products, promotions, or pieces of content that are majorly popular on social media.

Site Search Results

You can use tracking site search results as events to provide deep insights into people’s preferences for specific products in your store and optimize contextual marketing campaigns. If you find a popular query among users, you could either have a home page promo for the product or add the key phrase in your organic search keyword list.

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Wrapping Up

On a final note, if you want to set up event tracking, always keep in mind that there is no best or right approach in terms of data collection. It would be best to select and determine the highest priority features for your ecommerce site and ecommerce business. From the ideas above, you can see yourself in a position that can take advantage of the insights provided by event tracking.

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