AHREFS: 7 Tips to Effectively Use Ahrefs for Ecommerce...

AHREFS: 7 Tips to Effectively Use Ahrefs for Ecommerce Website Competitors Analysis

In today’s time, the competition is too high in every field and especially in the ecommerce websites. So, if you are somebody with an ecommerce website, you would definitely want to know how good your website is doing in comparison with the others and this can be done with the assistance of seo competitor analysis. There is multiple seo competitor analysis tool in the market, but for something as important as an ecommerce website, we must only opt for the best for ourselves.

So, if you are confused about how to do competitor analysis in SEO? Then, you are at the right place. Here in this article, we will assist you in doing the competitor analysis for your website with Ahrefs and tell you why Ahrefs is the ideal tool for ecommerce website competitor analysis.

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Ahrefs is a tool that lets you strategize about your activities for your ecommerce website in a more ideal manner. It provides you with access to a plenty of data about any site and keyword. One of the most specific benefit of this is that it is very uncomplicated and has a clear interface. Let us look at the points that states why Ahrefs is the best tool.

In Ahrefs all you have to do is visit the site explorer and include the name of the domain of your competitor. After a few moments, the complete analysis will be in front of you in a table. Ahrefs will clearly assist you in knowing each and everything clearly.

Ahrefs Rank

With Ahrefs ranking, you will see the place of the domain you have entered which is based upon the amount and robustness of links that leads to the provided domain. The website present at number 1 is strongest website in all over the globe.

Rating of URL Ahrefs

In this, how strong a particular link is gets portrayed in points on the scale of zero to hundred. When you will analyse the complete domain, this seo analysis tool will display the URL Rating for the main page. The scores incorporate of all the links that leads to a provided address. This also consists of a very rigid relationship with the positioning in the search engine. Generally, a greater UR indicates to a greater position.

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Rating of Domain

This will show how strong a domain is in points on the scale of zero to hundred. The leading indication for its analyzation portrays the amount and robustness of various external domains that connects to the provided link. The more trust, engagement or traffic and incoming links through the various strong domains is present, the stronger is that domain from others.


This will provide you with the figure of links that leads to a provided page from multiple domains. One thing to remember is that the numerous links can take you from a particular domain to the other.

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Referring domains

This portrays the figure of particular domains that refers to a provided address.

Organic Keywords

This will show the figure of the leading 100 keywords by which a provided subpage is place in the web engine of Google in all the countries. It will provide you with the PPC data, and its states the amount of keywords that is utilized by the site via advertisements of Google Ads


This will indicate an approximate of the every month traffic from the total keyword in all the nations for which the store is placed.

Final Thoughts

Ahrefs will provide you with a very detailed insight about everything of your competitor. With this picture that is provided by Ahrefs you will get to improve your quality in case you are lacking behind or will assist you in improving more if you are already above them. In order to boost the presence of your ecommerce website it is very important for you to look at the competition present so that you can be successful in attaining whatever you want.