How To Rank YouTube Videos Fast On First Page In 2021? Youtube SEO
how to rank YouTube videos

How To Rank YouTube Videos Fast On First Page In 2021?

If obtaining YouTube fame is a mystery to you, you’ve come to the correct place! This article will show you how to rank YouTube videos to appear on the first page in 2021. But first, let’s get into some details.

What Is YouTube SEO?

As the name implies, YouTube SEO is the process of optimizing your videos so that they rank higher in the YouTube search engine. Every YouTube user began with 0 subscribers and 0 views. So how come one video about power washing has millions of views, but another video about it has ten views?

The solution is YouTube SEO! If you want to rank YouTube videos to appear on the first page, you must optimize them. To learn how to do YouTube SEO, continue reading for the best YouTube SEO techniques and tricks.

How to rank YouTube videos fast?

It is easy to rank higher on YouTube; all you need to know is how. Here are a few things to know how to rank YouTube videos fast on the first page in 2021.

Use A Focus Keyword

Creating a target keyword for each video will significantly improve your ranks. All search engines work by matching the search phrase entered by the user with the most relevant results. You can use a tool for keyword research to determine the most popular search terms to use.

Optimize The Title

Including the keyword in your title is one of the simplest methods to rank YouTube videos. Your title should be intriguing, and it should send out a message to YouTube users saying, “Click me!” Promising them something and letting them know what they will watch is a terrific approach. Make it clear to your viewers what you’re going to educate them, or guarantee them something particular and in great demand.

Optimize The Description

You should also optimize your description, in addition to your title. While your title aims to attract the attention of potential viewers, your description can be a little more in-depth. YouTube also suggests putting the most important keywords near the top of your description. With a unique, optimized description, YouTube can figure out what your video is about and show it to the proper people.

Include The Appropriate Tags

You should also include your keyword(s) in the tags box once you’ve included them in your title and description. Tags are exclusively for YouTube’s use, so your viewers won’t see what you put in them. Feel free to include as many different variations of your keywords and search queries as you can.

Make An Exciting Script

An entertaining, well-written script can help you come out as more natural and spontaneous while also guaranteeing you don’t lose viewers by becoming sidetracked. A script can bring a flow to your wordings, cut out the “ums” and “ahs,” and attract your audience’s attention. Make sure your script has a brief and snappy beginning that gets right to the point and tells viewers why they should tune in.

Use YouTube Stories And Posts

YouTube Stories and Posts are the things that are pretty useful to know how to do YouTube SEO. You can upload Stories as well as posts with polls to YouTube. It will boost your User Engagement, which is one of the essential ranking elements. Create exciting posts and Stories that your users will enjoy.

Use Social Media To Promote Your Video

One of the most significant aspects of YouTube SEO is promoting your videos on social media channels. The process of optimizing a YouTube video is similar to that of optimizing a blog. The more views you receive, the higher your video will rank. As a result, you must attract as many viewers as possible to your movie and convert them into organic views.


The amount of people watching videos on YouTube is vast. YouTube’s search engine is the only one that comes close to Google’s search engine. To learn how to do YouTube SEO, you don’t need to know how to code.

The critical problem, however, is User Engagement, which is a deciding factor in ranking. Make sure you spend time and money on a proper setup that includes high-quality cameras, microphones, and other equipment. Focus on creating videos that users will enjoy!