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Alibaba: Rs.10 Lakh Crore Ecommerce Sales in 24 hours

Orders totalled 540.3 billion yuan ($84.54 billion) throughout Alibaba’s 11-day Singles’ Day sales event in China, a rise of almost 8.5% over the previous year.

The results coincide with a slowdown in China’s overall consumption and mark the end of a sales festival that Alibaba previously marketed vigorously.

Before the sales period, an Eommerce Expert predicted that Alibaba would only post a small gain in GMV this year, citing decreasing retail sales, supply shortages, power outages, and COVID-19 lockdowns.

As a result of the efforts of Alibaba in 2009, China’s informal Singles’ Day became one of the world’s most popular online shopping events, dwarfing Cyber Monday.

After the Double Eleven

Their share prices varied a day after Friday’s trading session event because of the enormous amounts of purchases made on and Alibaba’s platforms.

In Hong Kong on Friday afternoon, JD’s stock jumped approximately 4.6 percent, while Alibaba’s fell by about 1.8 percent.JD and Alibaba Both Recorded Record-breaking Transaction Volumes. A good Ecommerce Training is always helpful for people.

An 8 percent increase in GMV to 540.3 billion yuan ($84.54 billion) over the previous year’s number of 498.2 billion yuan was recorded throughout the 11-day shopping period on Alibaba. With 349.1 billion yuan ($54.6 billion) transacted on JD’s platform over the multi-day extravaganza, the company’s transaction volume increased by 28% from the 271.5 billion yuan transacted in Singles Day 2020.

Chinese consumers have a voracious appetite to purchase on both platforms, even though GMV and transaction volume don’t directly convert to revenue. As a result, the number of transactions on both platforms is now in the spotlight.

An Event That Is Dedicated to Social Responsibility

In line with Beijing’s aims, CNBC reports that JD and Alibaba emphasized social and environmental responsibilities throughout the event.Compared to the previous year, JD reported cutting its carbon emissions by 26,000 tonnes over this period.

It was a steady and high-quality increase this 11.11 Global Shopping Festival that reflected the dynamic Chinese consumption sector. To further our corporate social responsibility, we used the momentum generated by 11.11’s events. “This year’s event marked a significant milestone in our efforts to establish a sustainable future,” said Yang Guang, VP of Alibaba. You can Learn ecommerce Online free to know more about ecommerce.

Singles Day Sale vs. 6 Days of Festive Sale in India: 30 Minutes

Alibaba was able to sell $10 billion worth of items in the first 30 minutes of their sale, which is fantastic. Comparatively, during the Dussehra and Diwali sales this year, Amazon and Flipkart sold $3 billion worth of merchandise.

In the first 30 minutes, Alibaba sold more than three times as many products as Amazon and Flipkart sold in six days. Precisely 29 minutes and 45 seconds later, GMV of $10 billion was crossed. Online ECommerce Expert can predict many things very easily.

Facts about One-Day Sales

For the time being, Alibaba’s $1 billion sales are the fastest in the universe.

A total GMV of $17.24 billion was achieved in the first two hours, surpassing 2016’s total Singles Days Sales volume.

On Alibaba, $28.63 billion has been sold by Chinese customers in the first 14 hours of 11.11 Sales. Record sales of $30 billion were made on this day last year.Black Friday sales were $6.22 billion, and Cyber Monday sales were $7.9 billion last year.

There were 1360 times more sales during Alibaba’s initial Singles Day Sale than during its peak. Alibaba handled 5.4 lakh orders per second.

During Alibaba’s annual Single Days Sale, vendors from 78 countries display over 2 lakh products to eager Chinese shoppers.

After just $7.8 million of GMV was sold in 2009, the Singles Day Sale was born.


Because of its monopolistic behaviour and the $2.8 billion record fine it received in April, China’s most well-known business tycoon Jack Ma has shunned the spotlight since criticizing Chinese regulators a year ago.

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