New Ecommerce Marketplace India Launch
New Ecommerce Marketplace India Launch

New Ecommerce Marketplace India Launch

A new airline has arrived in India, called SKYLINE INDIA! Since its inception more than two years ago, the cutting-edge marketplace has been working around the clock to bring this advanced online shopping method to the general public. Skyline is a one-of-a-kind market where wholesalers and retail customers may shop side by side in the same spot for a unique shopping experience. 

The company claims that users would no longer be obliged to use two distinct portals to sell and buy online products in bulk or individually, as with the competition. New York-based is a wholly-owned subsidiary of (the company’s global branch), which has its headquarters in New York, United States. 

The global launch of Skyline is scheduled to take place at the end of the first quarter of 2022. Users will be able to access both the international and Indian portals simultaneously, which will benefit both customers and sellers. There are Online Ecommerce Expert to help people in various sector of ecommerce.  

Therefore, SKYLINE is thrilled to be able to provide the lowest commission per sale available on the market, with commissions that are as little as one-third or even one-quarter of what other sizeable online eCommerce platforms charge. A good Ecommerce Training is helpful for knowing more about Ecommerce.

According to Prabhat Chandra, the head of Vendor Operations at SKYLINE INDIA,

“Skyline’s commission is, without a doubt, in a class by itself.” In India, SKYLINE now has over 15,000 merchants enrolled with the company. On the business’s wholesale and retail sales side, more than 200,000 products have been uploaded, with tens of thousands more being added regularly. 

Whether you’re looking for mobile phones and accessories or the latest autumn fashion trends, is your one-stop-shop for all of your buying needs in India. Customers can shop at for all of their wholesale and retail needs in one place, saving time and money. 

The mission of SKYLINE is to link small businesses with clients all over the world in a matter of minutes and with only a few clicks. Eommerce Expert can help you in any matter of ecommerce.

Because SKYLINE does not charge any commissions, they can offer their products at the most competitive cost imaginable. You can think of Free Online ecommerce training for help. 

The seller has an added incentive to outperform the competition on other marketplaces because they have complete control over the pricing. Keep a watch out for a potential partnership between SKYLINE and a brand ambassador in the coming weeks.